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A Mothers Retreat
The mothers of students at Sacred Heart Apostolic School pay a visit to their sons

Mothers visit sons at SHAS
Zachary Ratliff with his mother Julia during Mass

Rolling Prairie, Indiana -- Sacred Heart Apostolic School in Rolling Prairie, Indiana, recently hosted a retreat for the mothers of the students there.

“It was a great opportunity for them to see what life is like here at the school,” said Senior John Sester.  “And it was great to see them too!”

Students at the boarding school only see their families a few times a year.

“We stay in communication through letters and phone calls, but physically being together is a different thing entirely,” said John.

For some of the mothers, this was their first visit to the school, and their first time seeing the environment in which the boys live. Not only were the mothers able to spend time with their sons, but they had the opportunity to meet other moms, as well as their sons’ friends and superiors. They shared an evening of games like Scategories and Pictionary, led by Br. Jesus Salinas.

Danna Dandurand said, “I was given such a gift from God – peace and confirmation that my son is exactly where God wants him to be. It makes him being away from home so much easier, knowing he is happy and living in God’s will.  It was such a blessing to meet and talk with the other moms, and so reassuring to hear their stories about trusting our Lord as we all share the same experiences.”

“I gained much from the time with the other mothers,” said Karen Sester. “What an amazingly generous group of women who can honestly
Playing Pictionary at SHAS
Shandra Emerich draws during Pictionary while Br. Jesus judges
tell God, ‘I Want to Want What You Want!’ It was also wonderful to get to know Fr. Ronald (Conklin, LC, Rector of Sacred Heart Apostolic School) on a personal level, and also getting to know John’s friends during the not-so-quiet game of Pictionary. Br. Jesus was the highlight of that game. His joy is contagious!”

“It was a great joy to come to visit the school and see Damian so happy!”said Shandra Emrich. “We had a blast together with all the other moms and boys. This school is a gift!”



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