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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Highlighting Women in Scripture
New columns, Venetian mosaics being added to the chapel and atrium areas in the Magdala Center

Working on the chapels at the Magdala Center
Working on the chapels at the Magdala Center

Development of the Magdala Center in the hometown of Mary Magdalene in the Holy Land is underway.

“We are starting an intense week at the center,” said Fr. Juan Solana LC, in a recent Facebook post.  Fr. Juan is the director of the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Pontifical Institute, which oversees the Magdala Center project.

One of the most recent developments in the project has been the installation of Venetian mosaics in the four side chapels in the Church being build there on the Sea of Galilee, near Jerusalem.

“They are four windows to help the pilgrim contemplate the life of Jesus,”
The center under construction
The center under construction
said Fr. Juan.

The first of the mosaics depicts the resurrection of the daughter of Jairus.

“This is a unique resurrection in Scripture, this raising of this young woman,” said Fr. Juan. “It is an interesting focus in our center which focuses on the dignity of women.”

The second mosaic portrays the exorcism of Mary Magdalene (see Mark 16:9).

“Many people are amazed at this subject because they don’t remember the reference to Mary Magdalene being exorcised from seven demons,” said Fr. Juan. “This is an original theme, having never really has been portrayed in art.”

The third mosaic illustrates Jesus walking on the Lake
A model of the finished center
A model of the finished center
of Tiberias, when he called Peter to come to Him from the boat.  The last depicts the call of the disciples on the seashore, where Jesus says, "Come and I will make you fishers of men."

“I am very excited and anxious for the installation of these beautiful mosaics,” said Fr. Juan.  “I ask for your prayers for blessing on this project.”

Due to an agreement with the artist, photos of the mosaics are not yet available, and will be posted at a later date on this website.

Another development at the Magdala Center is the construction of eight columns in the atrium area.  The columns record the names of the women mentioned in Scripture who followed Jesus closely during his ministry.  (More details to come!)

With this inviting new atmosphere developing in the
A column in the atrium
A column in the atrium
church and atrium area, the Magdala will be a “homeland for Christian women in the Holy land,” said Fr. Juan.

For more information on the Magdala Center and its
In the chapel dedicated to the resurrection of Jairus daughter
Fr. Juan in the chapel dedicated to the resurrection of Jairus' daughter.
progress, go to



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