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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Consecration to Christ the King
As the Regnum Christi General Assembly begins and Legion of Christ General Chapter approaches, movement members are called to prayer

cristo rey

Thy Kingdom Come!




Translated from the Original Spanish

Rome, November 11, 2013

Dear Regnum Christi members:

It’s a pleasure to be able to greet all of you as we approach several important moments in the history of our Regnum Christi family: namely, the celebration of the General Assemblies of the consecrated men and women, and the General Chapter of the Legion of Christ.

Over the last several years we have been journeying with the guidance of our Pontifical Delegate in order to renew our Statutes and Constitutions, but above all in order to better understand and purify the charism God has given us. This is not something that concludes with the celebration of the assemblies or the chapter. We are pilgrims in this world, and therefore we are also pilgrims in fulfilling God’s plan for us: our arrival point is heaven. It’s necessary for all of us to continue delving deeper into the call of our Lord inviting us to Regnum Christi, and into the experience of his love, which was what attracted us to him and awakened the desire to help many others experience this same love.  And based on that, we felt ourselves called to an ever-deeper discovery of how to live this mission wherever we might be. 

By this March, with the help of God, we will have new legislative texts and new organizational structures, but this is not what will embody the charism in our life and mission. Renewal does not stem from a new law; it flows from a new heart, and this must continue to be our focus. The organizational structures that will be approved will have a provisional character.  It is still necessary that everyone participate in the process already initiated for the revision of the Statutes of the first and second degree of Regnum Christi, and the elaboration of the General Statutes. This will be possible if an authentic communion - a gift of the Holy Spirit - reigns among us.

With this exciting reality in mind, we would like to invite everyone to a particular spiritual unity these next few months: to be “of one heart and mind” (Acts 4:32),since this moment of our history is reminiscent of the beginnings of the Church, when the apostles were awaiting the Holy Spirit, gathered together in prayer along with Mary and the other women. We are well aware that God is the one who must act, because we are all quite small and limited, and that it is the Gift from on high that will bring us into the harborsafely.

Specifically, we want to propose two initiatives:

  1. To pray the attached prayer every day from now until the end of the chapter, whenever possible in our community or our team. Christ himself is the one who invited us to pray without ceasing (cf. Luke 18:1). Let’s pray as a family.
  2. That the different localities try to find a time of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament for all the different branches of Regnum Christi, to intercede for the representatives to the assemblies and the chapter so that they will be able to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and keep their eyes fixed on the gift of God.

Below are the dates of the upcoming moments of special grace:

    1. General Assembly of the Consecrated Men: November 25 to December 1.
    2. General Assembly of the Consecrated Women: December 2 to December 15.
    3. General Chapter of the Legion of Christ: January 8 to the end of February.

It seems providential that the assemblies and the chapter, with their outpouring of the Holy Spirit, will begin the day after the Solemnity of Christ the King; in this manner, he wants to assure us of his presence among us. Let’s ask that He alone may reign and triumph.With the occasion of this feast we want to invite everyone to pray together the novena that we have traditionally prayed, as found in the attached text.

In 1925 Pope Pius XI wrote the Encyclical Letter Quas Primas to institute the solemnity of Christ the King in the Church.In the letter, the Holy Father stated: “Therefore, with our apostolic authority, we institute the feast of Christ the King… We further ordain that every year on this day the consecration of all mankind to the Sacred Heart of Jesus shall be renewed.”

Given that we feel called to delve deeper into the treasure of our spirituality, we thought we should make the most of this occasion to consecrate ourselves to the Heart of Christ the King. We have attached a prayer that can help everyone to be united in this act, which has both a personal and a family significance.

In our letter of May 28, 2013 we asked “Let us beg the Lord to grant us a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit that transforms, heals, and renews our hearts, as he did at Pentecost. May the Blessed Virgin Mary accompany us, as she accompanied the apostles, in the spiritual preparation we are undertaking and help us to remain united in prayer, in charity, and in truth, so that we can all generously dedicate ourselves to the mission to extend her Son’s Kingdom throughout the world.” May we continue this spiritual preparation with the same intention. 

With the assurance of our prayers, we remain yours in the heart of Christ,

Fr. Sylvester Heereman, L.C.      Gloria Rodríguez      Jorge López 


Prayer for the Assemblies and the ChapterNovena to Christ the KingConsecration to Christ the King

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