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Representing the Congregation
The Legion of Christ announces names of those who will participate in the General Chapter

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Fr. Sylvester Heereman, LC, acting general director of the Legion of Christ, has published the names of the priests who will participate in the upcoming General Chapter of the congregation. 
In all, 61 priests will participate, 42 of whom were elected, and 19 of whom will participate ex officio.

The purpose of the upcoming General Chapter, beginning on January 8, 2014, will be to approve the new constitutions and elect a new government.  The General Chapter will take place in Rome, presided over by Cardinal Velasio De Paolis, the Pontifical Delegate for the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi.

The following is a list of the country of origin of those participating:
 Austria  1
 Chile  2
 Germany  2      
 France  1                
 Ireland  6
 Italy  2
 Mexico  20
 Netherlands  1 
 Spain  17               
 USA  8
 Venezuela  1

Some interesting facts about the participants:

  • Two siblings will be attending, one for the United States (Fr. Kevin Meehan) and one for the territory of Italy (Fr. Timothy Meehan). Both are Americans.
  • The youngest delegate for the General Chapter is 37 years old, and the oldest is 73.
  • Of those participating, 7 are under the age of 40.
  • The age of the other participants breaks down as follows: 21 priests are age 40 to 49; 20 priests are age 50 to 59; 11 priests are age 60 to 69; and 2 are age 70+.
  • Thirty-three of the priests had their novitiate training in Spain, and 10 in the US. The remainder had their novitiate training in Germany, Chile, Italy, Ireland and Mexico.

The Fathers who will participate ex officio are:

Fr. Alvaro Corcuera, L.C., general director (Mexico)
Fr. Sylvester Heereman, L.C, vicar general (Germany)
Fr. Joseph Burtka, L.C., general councilor (United States)
Fr. Michael Ryan, L.C., general councilor (Ireland)
Fr. Juan José Arrieta, L.C., general councilor (Spain)
Fr. Jesús Villagrasa, L.C., general councilor (Spain)
Fr. José Enrique Oyarzún, L.C., general prefect of studies (Chile)
Fr. Carlos Skertchly, L.C., general procurator (Mexico)
Fr. Eduardo Vigneaux, L.C., general administrator (Chile)
Fr. Jaime Rodríguez Díaz, L.C., general secretary (Spain)
Fr. Savio Zanetta, L.C., territorial director of Brazil (Italy)
Fr. Xavier Castro, L.C., territorial director of Chile y Argentina (Mexico)
Fr. Jesús María Delgado, L.C., territorial director of Spain (Spain)
Fr. Andreas Schöggl, L.C., territorial director of Central and Western Europe (Austria)
Fr. Óscar Náder, L.C., territorial director of Italy (Mexico)
Fr. Eduardo Robles Gil, L.C., territorial director of Mexico and Central America (Mexico)
Fr. Emilio Díaz-Torre, L.C., territorial director of Monterrey (Mexico)
Fr. Luis Garza Medina, L.C., territorial director of North America (Mexico)
Fr. Julio Martí, L.C., territorial director of Venezuela, Colombia y Ecuador (Venezuela)

Those who have been elected are:

Territory of Brazil:

Fr. Salvador Maciel Calderón, L.C. (Mexico)
Fr. José Gerardo Cárdenas, L.C. (Mexico)
Fr. José La Boy, L.C. (United States)

Territory of Chile and Argentina:

Fr. José Alberto de la Garza, L.C. (Mexico)
Fr. Héctor Fernando Tamayo, L.C. (Mexico)

Territory of Spain:
Fr. Carlos Villalba, L.C. (Spain)
Fr. Florencio Sánchez, L.C. (Mexico)
Fr. Juan Carlos Ortega, L.C. (Spain)

Territory of Central and Western Europe:

Fr. Paul Habsburg, L.C. (Germany)
Fr. Antoine Coelho, L.C. (France)
Fr. Anton Vogelsang, L.C. (Netherlands)

Territory of Italy:
Fr. Manuel Álvarez Vorrath, L.C. (Mexico)
Fr. Timothy Meehan, L.C. (United States)
Fr. Giuseppe Gamelli, L.C. (Italy)

Territory of Mexico and Central America:
Fr. Rodolfo Mayagoitia, L.C. (Mexico)
Fr. Anthony Bannon, L.C. (Ireland)
Fr. Eloy Bedia, L.C. (Spain)
Fr. Rodolfo Ibarra, L.C. (Mexico)
Fr. Eugenio Martín Elío, L.C. (Spain)
Fr. Donal Clancy, L.C (Ireland)
Fr. Rafael Jácome, L.C. (Mexico)
Fr. Cipriano Sánchez, L.C. (Spain)
Fr. José Sánchez Baile, L.C. (Spain)

Territory of Monterrey:
Fr. Ricardo Sada Castaño, L.C. (Spain)
Fr. Antonio León Santacruz, L.C.  (Mexico)
Fr. Peter Coates, L.C. (Ireland)
Fr. Miguel Viso López, L.C. (Spain)
Fr. Manuel Aromir Masaguer, L.C. (Spain)
Fr. Tomás Guerrero Chávez, L.C. (Mexico)

Territory of North America:
Fr. John Bartunek, L.C. (United States)
Fr. Owen Kearns, L.C. (Ireland)
Fr. John Connor, L.C. (United States)
Fr. David Daly, L.C. (United States)
Fr. Kevin Meehan, L.C. (United States)
Fr. Guillermo Serra, L.C. (Spain)

Territory of Venezuela, Colombia y Ecuador:

Fr. José Carlos Zancajo, L.C. (Spain)
Fr. Carlos Gutiérrez López, L.C. (Mexico)

Centers of Rome:

Fr. Hernán Jiménez, L.C. (Mexico)
Fr. Daniel Massick, L.C. (United States)
Fr. Donal Corry, L.C. (Ireland)
Fr. Juan María Sabadell, L.C. (Spain)
Fr. Miguel Romeo, L.C. (Spain)

A general chapter is the supreme governing organ of a religious congregation, held periodically to renew the positions of authority within the congregation and to address important issues.  It is a moment of grace in which the congregation seeks to listen to the Holy Spirit in order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the congregation.  On the basis of this analysis, the congregation projects its service to the Church and society.



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