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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Celebrating the Feast of Christ the King
Regnum Christi localities report on their individual events, recognizing this most special feast for our movement

“O Christ Jesus, I acknowledge You as King of the universe.  All that has been created has been made for You.” – excerpt from Prayer to Christ the King

Following are articles about the celebration of the feast of Christ the King from three of our Regnum Christi localities.


The church was filled with the beautiful voices of the Regnum Christi consecrated women and the pews were full with smiling members of the RC family.  The intention of the day was apparent -- to gather together as a spiritual family to celebrate the feast of Christ the King. 
This was the scene on Sunday, November 24, 2013, at St. Brendan’s the Navigator parish in Cumming, Georgia.

Prior to the Mass, three women incorporated into Regnum Christi.

“It was a fantastic afternoon embraced by God’s blessings and filled with His love,” said RC member Brent Cieply. “Thanks to all of those who helped make this event possible and a special thank you to St. Brendan’s for providing us the opportunity to host our event at their beautiful church!”

“We were blessed to have Archbishop Wilton Gregory preside over the liturgy along with Deacon Rick Medina and 13 Legionary concelebrants,” he said. “During his wonderful homily,
Br. John Klein LC sings at bonfire in Atlanta.
Br. John Klein LC sings during the bonfire.
the Archbishop focused on the celebration by saying ‘Imitating Christ is at the heart of our Catholic faith, it is the very foundation of our faith, to become each day more like Christ Jesus himself.”

Speaking directly to the Regnum Christi members, Archbishop Gregory stated “that challenge, belongs in a unique way, to the Legionaries of Christ and the Regnum Christi community.”  He pointed out that, during the upcoming General Chapter and General Assemblies, “the motivating energy must be to increase our imitation of Christ himself.”

Those in attendance were happily surprised with the presence of Father Alvaro Corcuera LC during the Mass.  Afterwards, he joined guests for the “RC Family Fest” at the St. Brendan social hall.  Father Alvaro thanked all for their prayers and ensured all present of his prayers. He then joined with the other Legionaries and consecrated to lead the crowd in singing “Salve Regina.” 
Also during the event, young people enjoyed a bonfire with s’mores and campfire music from Br. John Klein LC.

Prior to the feast day, at the Saturday evening vigil, Eucharistic Adoration was held at both Pinecrest Academy and Holy Spirit Catholic Church.

Thanks to all the RC members who provided food and to Mejorada family for sponsoring the photo booth.  Click here to see the photo gallery from the event.

Ohio Valley

Three cities in the Ohio Valley region held celebration events for the feast of Christ the King.

In Cincinnati, Ohio, a vigil ceremony took place at Royalmont Academy with over 100 people.
The next day, about 200 RC members and friends gathered at the Cincinnati Cathedral, St. Peter in Chains, to celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King with Archbishop Dennis Schnurr.  Fr. Timothy Walsh LC concelebrated the Mass with the Archbishop, with the assistance of Deacon Kevin McKenzie LC.  Archbishop Schnurr came to greet the Regnum Christi members afterwards and gave them his blessing.

In the afternoon there was a welcoming ceremony for a new Regnum Christi member, testimonies, lunch, and activities for the boys and girls.  Fr. Timothy and Deacon Kevin reported the celebration was “filled with fun, fellowship, and a deep family spirit.”  Several members commented the event was “very hopeful and renewing.”

In Louisville, Kentucky, about 15 Regnum Christi members attended a vigil Mass, as well as a solemn rosary, Benediction and a ceremony of dedication to “Spiritual Motherhood” at St. Patrick parish.  The next day, RC members joined the parish at St.
A luncheon in Louisville for Christ the King.
The luncheon reception in Louisville.
Patrick’s for Mass with Fr. Martin Linebach, pastor of St. Patrick’s, celebrating and Fr. Daniel Brandenburg LC and Fr. John Bullock LC concelebrating.  Mass was followed by a reception, catered by The Healing Place, with about 100 people in attendance.  The Healing Place is a recovery environment for those suffering from addiction.

“Our Regnum Christi group was able to support them through using their new catering business,” said RC member Jackie Hellman.

After lunch, Bob Stromberg, an RC Mens’ Section team leader and father of ten children, gave his testimony, followed by another powerful testimony from RC consecrated woman Kathleen Murphy.

In the greater Indianapolis, Indiana area, RC members gathered for a solemn recitation of the rosary, Mass and Eucharistic Exposition and Benediction at Our Lady of the Apostles Family Center in Greenfield, Indiana, with about 70 people in attendance.  Fr. Matthew Summe LC celebrated the Mass.

Consecrated women Jill Swallow, Ally Wheeler and Jacquie Lustig had just returned from a fruitful weekend with approximately 23,000 Catholic youth at the National Catholic Youth Conference and were brimming with experiences to share.  Jacquie also gave an inspiring personal testimony about the scriptural roots of Christ as King.

The event concluded with a luncheon reception. 

“It was a beautiful, joyful day!” said RC member Rosie Kube. 


The Detroit area RC locality hosted its Christ the King event around a special vigil Mass at Everest Academy in Clarkston, Michigan, on Saturday, November 23.   About 450 people attended, including the families of the boys in middle school and high school who participated in a flag football tournament, dubbed the Christ the King Bowl, earlier in the day.

Also attending were the girls and their families who were part of the annual Challenge retreat at the Queen of the Family Retreat Center in nearby Oxford.  About 100 girls participated.

During the Mass homily, Fr. Aaron Smith LC, the local coordinator for apostolate for the Detroit locality, said, “Christ is the King who reigns in our lives. His throne is the cross and every day we need to unite ourselves to Him and say ‘Thy Kingdom come’ not only with our words, but with our lives.”

After Mass, everyone enjoyed a spaghetti dinner, and many visited the Everest Collegiate Boys’ High School chapel during the evening for Eucharistic Adoration, which took place until Benediction at midnight.

Christ our King, Your Kingdom Come!



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