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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Celebrating with the Saints
Canyon Heights Academy students celebrate holy day in a special way

A little St. Francis
A little St. Francis at the Canyon Heights All Saints Day celebration.

The following testimony was given by Br. Emilio Mitre, a legionary brother who is in his second year of internship in San Jose, California, about the Canyon Heights celebration of All Saints Day last month.
When it comes to parties I have always been the first to sign up, and the All Saints Day celebration at Canyon Heights Academy was no exception.  I accompanied Fr. Timothy Lyons LC, the school chaplain, together with the other fathers and brothers of our community in Cupertino, California, for what promised to be an exciting and hallowed version of Halloween.

All Saints Day is a big tradition at our school, when the students change out of their Halloween costumes and into the costumes of their favorite saints.  Before about eight-hundred wide-eyed parents and grandparents trying to catch a glimpse and a picture of their kids and grandchildren, Canyon Heights Principal Paul Parker, dressed as Moses, led the march of the saints into the auditorium. 

We began by joining all the saints in Heaven with Mass. Fr. Timothy based his homily on the song “What does the fox say?” (that has gone viral on the Internet) and posed the question “What do the Saints
Celebrating All Saints Day Mass
say?.”  He said the saints say “please” to God for his grace and favors, knowing His infinite goodness; they say they are sorry for all the times they fell short in loving Him; and they say thank you, recognizing that everything in their lives is a priceless gift and treasure from Him, their best friend.

After Mass is over, the theater stage is quickly transformed back from a sanctuary to an arena for the saints to show off their virtues.  Each class of students represents a variety of saints with songs, poetry, skits, and videos. These presentations highlight the virtues characterizing each of the saints – virtues we are all called imitate.

I was amazed at the atmosphere the event created.  All the girls and boys were glowing (just like I imagine the saints are) and only changed out of their costumes very reluctantly when we wrapped up the presentations and headed
At Canyon Heights All Saints Day
The "saints are among us" at Canyon Heights Academy.
over to the school for the reception.
It’s incredible what celebrating with the saints can do.  Bringing so many families and friends together, these activities truly open our hearts to the compelling beauty of holiness, that vocation we are all called to live and follow, even in the midst of a world shouting that the era of sanctity is finished.  No, the hour of the saints is only just beginning, at least here at Canyon Heights.



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