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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Celebrating the Season
With songs, music and Christmas-themed presentations, members of Regnum Christ and the Legion of Christ open their doors to guests

Oxford Christmas Carols
Members of the RC consecrated women and the Immaculate Conception Program sing carols for their guests.

This month, throughout the US and North America, members of Regnum Christi and the Legion of Christ are unveiling Christmas “room” decorations and celebrating with guests the songs and music of the season.
Some of those events include a Christmas concert in Connecticut and the opening of the Christmas “Rooms” at Mater Ecclesiae College (Greenville, Rhode Island) and the Queen of the Family Retreat Center (Oxford, Michigan).

Mater Ecclesiae College
Mater Ecclesiae College, the formation house for the consecrated women of Regnum Christi located in Greenville, Rhode Island, continues its annual tradition of offering the Southern New England community a free Christmas concert and a visit to their “Christmas Room” crèche --performance and design courtesy of the college students. (MEC students are discerning a vocation to consecrated life.)

The MEC Christmas Room will be open for viewing on the following dates and times:
• Sunday, December 22, 3:00 to 5:00 pm
• Monday, December 23, 7:00 to 9:00 pm
• Saturday, December 28, 7:00 to 9:00 pm
• Sunday, December 29, 3:00 to 5:00 pm

A 20-voice choir will sing religious Christmas hymns in the college chapel, followed by a journey to the Christmas Room, where light refreshments will be served during the viewing of the crèche. Additional Christmas songs will be sung during the viewing. This year’s theme is “Enter the Mystery of Bethlehem!”

Freshman Jennifer Hettrick, 19, of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada said that “the beauty of Christmas is something to be shared. So, for me, working on the Christmas Room and knowing
MEC Invitation
that others will be able to have a special experience of Christmas through it, is extremely motivating and fulfilling!”

Sofia Renovales Castillo, 20, of Chiapas, Mexico, said, “God has blessed me with the gift of being here at Mater Ecclesiae College, giving me the grace of opening my heart and horizons to new people and perspectives. Working on the Christmas Room has been an experience of giving myself to God and my community as preparation for receiving Him this Christmas.  It has also been a learning experience where I have found enrichment for myself through other’s experiences.”

Legion of Christ College

The Legion of Christ sponsored a Christmas Novena Concert at their Cheshire, Connecticut, college on Sunday, December 15, 2013.  Approximately 150 guests enjoyed the performance from the Legion of Christ College Choir.  (The Legion of Christ College is the formation center for men discerning the priesthood in the Legion of Christ.) 

The theme of the program was the journey of the three wise men, and consisted of several performances, both choral and instrumental, with some solo performances. Throughout
LC College Choir
The College Choir in Cheshire, Connecticut, performs songs for the season.
the program, seminarians acted out roles of the wise men, incorporating songs and music and bringing to life the journey of Magi, who left their homeland to travel through the desert to seek the star of the east.  The performance ended with their “arrival” in Bethlehem to present their gifts to the newborn King, Jesus Christ.

Queen of the Family Retreat Center

Guests were invited to Queen of the Family Retreat Center in Oxford, Michigan, on December 15 to “Come Prepare Your Hearts to Receive Your King!” 

The consecrated women and the students from the Immaculate Conception Program (for high school-aged young women discerning a possible vocation to Regnum Christi consecrated life) opened their Christmas Room for viewing, creating what they called a “life-sized Bethlehem” for visitors. 

Prior to the event, Mass was celebrated for all in the retreat center chapel, and then guests visited the exhibit
The Christmas Room at Oxford
and enjoyed refreshments and Christmas carols from the students and the RC consecrated women.



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