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Turn to Jesus (Article)

25 Churches, 10 Hours, 1 Eternal City
Sponsor a seminarian for the 2013 “Church-a-thon” this Saturday

Spring 2013 Churchathon

All photos (taken at the 2013 spring Church-a-thon) are courtesy of Br. John Choi, LC, from his blog "Quo Vadis?".

Rome, Italy – As the year comes to a close and Christmas is just around the corner, it’s not too late to share those charitable donations for 2013.  Why not consider sponsoring a Legion of Christ seminarian for their upcoming Church-a-thon?

In honor of the recent ordination of their brother priests last weekend, the theme for this current Church-a-thon is “Gratitude for our Priestly Vocation.”  The event, which takes place this Saturday, December 21, 2013, is a fundraising project to support seminarians of the Legion of Christ in Rome on their path to the priesthood.  All donations go to support the Rome seminary.

The seminarians studying in Rome will be taking to the streets of the Eternal City that day, visiting 25 of the Roman churches (see list below) to stop and pray for those who have supported them and for the prayer intentions they have been given.  The trek is all done on foot — no transportation allowed.  The walk begins at the tomb at St. Peter’s Basilica, finishing at the Nativity scene of St. Mary Major’s.

For information on how to sponsor a seminarian, go to:

Send prayer intentions to

The Churches they will visit (check the route for their location) are:

1. Saint Mary Majors: relic of the Holy Crib
Praying during the Churchathon
of Bethlehem, one of the four major basilicas of Rome 
2. Santa Prassade: Originally a house where Christians met for worship, this church contains the pillar at which Jesus was scourged
3. The Holy Stairs and Sancta Sanctorum: Once part of the Papal Lateran Palace, this building contains the stairs of the Praetorium which Jesus walked up to meet Pilate, as well as the “Sancta Sanctorum”, once private chapel of the Popes and now containing relics such as the seat Christ sat on during the Last Supper                                                                                                          4. Holy Cross in Jerusalem: relics of the passion: piece of the true cross, one of the nails, nameplate of the cross, thorns from the crown, a fragment of Calvary hill, a fragment of the Holy Sepulcher, part of the good thief’s cross
5. Saint John Lateran: Cathedral of the Pope, relics of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, table of the Last Supper
6. Baptistery of Saint John Lateran: Built by Constantine, in the fourth century all Christians were baptized here
7. Santa Sabina: Oldest simple roman basilica, mother church of the Dominican order, first representation of the Crucifixion in Art
8. Saint Alexius:Church of the Somaschi Fathers, contains the staircase under which the pilgrim St Alexius lived for the last years of his life
9. San Nicolo in Carcere: Built on top of three roman temples, first image of Our Lady of Guadalupe brought to Rome
10. Sant’ Anastasia al Palatino: Perpetual adoration, altar where Saint Jerome celebrated mass
11. San Giorgio al Velabro: Medieval Church with relic of Saint George, titular church of Cardinal John Henry Newman
12. Our Lady of Consolation: Church built by the Capitol hill where condemned prisoners would stop to pray to the Blessed Mother before going to their execution
13. Santa Maria in Aracoeli: main Franciscan Church in Rome, Special Baby Jesus Statue, above the Roman forum
14. Our Lady of Loreto: Tiny round church by the column of Trajan
15. Holy Name of Mary: Tiny round church by the column of Trajan, almost a twin of Our Lady of Loreto
16. Holy Apostles: relics of Saint James and Saint Philip, simulated catacombs
17. Santa Maria in Via Lata: House of St Luke underneath with Pillar to which Saint Paul was chained
18. Saint Mark: built in 336, Basilica of the Republic of Venice
19. Church of Gesù: main Church of Jesuits, tombs of Saint Ignatius Loyola and Saint Francis Xavier
20. Santa Maria Sopra Minerva: Dominican gothic church, tomb of Saint Catherine of Siena
21. Saint Augustine: tomb of Saint Monica, mother of Saint Augustine, Madonna of Childbirth
22. San Salvatore in Lauro: Oldest image of Our Lady of Loreto, several relics of Padre Pio
23. Saint Peter’s Basilica: tomb of Saint Peter, the first Vicar of Christ; tomb of Blessed John Paul II; Michelangelo’s Pietà
24. Santo Spirito in Sassia: Church of the Divine Mercy, Relics of Saint Faustina and Pope John Paul II
25. San Giovanni dei Falegnami: Simple church on the way to the train!
Churchathon 2013



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