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Pure Fashion in Kentucky
Mom uses Barbie doll clothing to promote the program

Barbie Pure Fashion Display

Renee Widmyer is starting a Pure Fashion program in northern Kentucky for fall 2014.  And to help promote it, she took a fairly unique approach.

“Pure Fashion is an eight-month program for high school girls that teaches them how to reveal their true beauty through fun, faith-filled events that include social etiquette, public speaking, hair styling and makeup, and critical thinking about the choices they make, the merchandise they buy, and the overall way in which they present themselves to the world,” she explained.

By starting the program locally, Renee hopes it will “help the young ladies to challenge themselves and the culture, to respect themselves and others by the way they dress.”

To get a Pure Fashion program started, Renee donated her collection of one-of-a-kind Barbie clothes for her childrens’ school auction fundraiser at Blessed Sacrament, in the Diocese of Covington. “I want the program to teach truth and virtue in a fun way, to make it joyful, beautiful, and contagious,” she said. “I hope our Pure Fashion committee will be gifted with many ways of thinking ‘out of the box’ so that we can make this a positive and life changing experience.”

During a past Christmas, Renee had made Barbie clothes for her daughters, saying she “didn’t like what was being sold at the stores.”

“All I could find were immodest outfits or clothing that represented fairies or princesses, not anything that a real woman would wear,” she said.

Then Renee had a conversation for Fr. Matthew Summe, LC, who serves the northern Kentucky area.

“I mentioned the gifts I had made my daughters and, somehow the topic of Pure Fashion came up,” she said. “He thought it might be something I would be interested in using my talents toward.”

Renee said she plans to launch a local Pure Fashion program for the high school girls
Barbie Pure Fashion
in her area in the Fall of 2014.  “We will be targeting high school girls for our initial program, but hope to expand it to middle school-age girls in the following years.”

“I wanted to be able to reach the younger girls and their moms as well,” she explained, saying that is why she decided to offer the Barbie clothes at the auction.  “It seemed a gentle way to send a message.”

So how did the sale of her collection go?  She said the “Barbie” clothes were actually “raffled off.”

“Unfortunately, the chatter at the event kept me from hearing the winner’s name, but I did see how excited she was when she went up to collect her prize,” she said.

The promotion of Pure Fashion at the event went very well, she added.  “I was able to talk to a lot of women about Pure Fashion and how the program is implemented. I had women ask me if I sold the outfits individually, because even modest fashions for Barbie are hard to find.  All the women and men I spoke with were very supportive of the organization’s mission and expressed gratitude for the efforts that are being made to bring this to Northern Kentucky.” 



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