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“We’re Taking the Hill”
Interview with four newly ordained Legionary priests written by John L. Allen Jr. in the National Catholic Reporter

Newly Ordained 2013

"One of the things that really attracted me to the Legion was that, in a certain sense, it´s the Marine Corps of the church…This is what we´re going to do, everyone´s happy, everyone´s moving in the same direction, and even if we´re suffering along the way, we´re taking the hill."  These are the words of Fr. Nicholas Sheehy, LC. 

Fr. Nicholas is one of four Legionary priests interviewed for a December 23, 2013, article in the National Catholic Reporter by John L. Allen Jr., NCR Senior Correspondent.   The priests are among the 31 new priests of the Legion of Christ ordained on December 14, 2013.

The other priests interviewed included Fr. Frederick Keiser, LC, Fr. Matthew Schmitz LC, and Fr. Josef Hare LC.  The article is entitled “New priests reply: ´Why would anyone join the Legionaries?´”

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Four priest interviewed for NCR
(From L to R) Fr. Nicholas Sheehy LC, Fr. Matthew Schmitz LC, Fr. Josef Hare LC and Fr. Frederick Keiser LC.
the entire article:



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