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Turn to Jesus (Article)

A Passion for the Truth
An interview with Viviana Limón

Viviana Limón
Viviana Limón

Viviana Limón was born in Mexico DF, Mexico. She is the oldest of three children. Her brother is a musician in a rock band. Her sister has been married a year. Her dad teaches environmental education. Her mom works at Logos, which is an apostolate for diocesan priests.  Both of them are in Regnum Christi.

1. If this were a job interview, how would you describe yourself?

I love teamwork. Because of this, I feel myself incapable of working any other way. What I most value is what the other contributes. I love to listen, but I have realized that this is an art that you have to learn, since real listening implies a lot of self-giving. I have a great love of life, a “joie de vivre.”  It’s a gift that I have always had.  I am creative too and I have a lot of imagination.

2. When you were little, what did you dream of becoming?

The stuff of my dreams was to be a television director, to make documentaries, to be in communion with people, everything that implied human relations.

I also wanted to be an astronaut because I had this tremendous need for answers to existential questions, and I thought I would find them in outer space. Another dream was to be Heidi, to live on a mountain as she did, and also to be a professor at a university, because I love the process of seeking and finding answers and doing this together with others. I have a passion for the truth.

3. What did you feel when you were elected?  When the cardinal asked you if you accepted, what were you thinking about?

It has changed me completely. I felt a tremendous surprise before the plan of God which is revealing itself. I thought that God takes whatever someone offers Him very seriously. I had been living a long time with a great need to make of myself an offering so that He could use me, so that, however He wanted, this family would be more as He thought of it, as He has it in His Heart. This election was the first answer. It was the first step, but I still don’t have more light about the future.

4. What did your family tell you when you were elected? How did they react?

The first thing they told me was, “Tomorrow we are going to La Villa to pray for the whole Council.”

5. What has been your experience working with other branches in the movement?

It is what I have asked God for most in my heart. I have touched with my little finger the mystery of communion with God who wants to make us into a gift in this spiritual family.

One definite experience was working in the territory with Fr. Andreas Schoggl LC, with each one of us bringing our own gifts. He is a pastor, and I bring my intuition and also my maternity.  And in Paris there has been a similar experience with Fr. Paul Hapsburg LC.

With the first and second-degree members, I have marveled at seeing that the charism is in our DNA and that everyone encounters it in our common project. They carry the clear consciousness of bringing the Gospel to the social structures in which they are placed.

6. Give us four key words to write on this new page of our history.

Kingdom of Christ

7. What would you most like to share or tell other consecrated women?

The path that we have before us in beautiful, full of hope and the presence of God, and we have to allow Him to lead us on the paths that He wants to bring us to. May His Kingdom come.

Viviana is studying for a licentiate degree in communications at the Anahuac University. She has worked apostolically in Switzerland, Belgium and Paris as a director of educational institutes and of consecrated women, as well as in youth and family pastoral work, collaborating in various dioceses and with different apostolic programs.  Before coming to the Assembly she was the territorial director of eastern and central Europe.  She is 35 years old and has been consecrated for 11 years.



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