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Turn to Jesus (Article)

More than Words
An interview with the members of the new government for the Regnum Christi consecrated women

Six members of the RC government

Six consecrated members were elected as the first government to oversee the Regnum Christi consecrated women during the December 2013 General Assembly. To allow the movement to get to know them a little better, these women answered some questions “from their hearts.” 

They talked about what took place during the Assembly and what they envision taking place during the next six years.  They also discussed what changes they experienced -- in themselves and in consecrated life -- during this time of renewal. 

“The first few days were difficult,” said Denise Funke in her interview. “At times what I heard I didn’t understand, or I didn’t like it, or it didn’t interest me, and this made me uneasy. I’m shy and it costs me to go out of myself towards others, but I did it and this changed my whole assembly,” she said. (Click here to read the rest of her interview.)

They discussed how they got to know the movement, what dreams they had when they were little, how they presented themselves during job interviews, their family life, how they feel about being elected to the new government, and what they told their parents when they gave them the news.

Gloria Rodríguez dreamed of being a mother with lots of children. She related what her father said when she told him the news about her election. “He told me that, with my shyness and insecurity, it surprised him a lot, and he is amazed about what God will have to do.” Gloria said she envisions “God will act to bring about in the consecrated women of Regnum Christi a profound renewal.” (Click here to read the rest of her interview.)

When she was little, Cristina Danel wanted to be an astronaut. “Outer space always fascinated me, the cosmos and its greatness,” she said. “If I could travel one day to the moon, I would do it to be able to contemplate the vastness of outer space.” (Click here to read the rest of her interview.)

Viviana Limon said she also wanted to be an astronaut. “I had a great need to find answers to existential questions, and I thought I would find them in outer space,” she said, saying she has a “passion for the truth.” When she was elected, she recalls she felt “a tremendous surprise before the plan of God that was revealing itself. I think that God takes seriously whatever someone offers him. I have spent a lot of time with a great need to make myself an offering so that He can use me.” (Click here to read the rest of her interview.)

Paula Errázuriz said the presence of the representatives from the other branches of Regnum Christi in the Assembly was “incredible. I think that we found new dimensions of our vocation, because ultimately we had to reflect so much on our identity that the presence of the other branches opened new horizons to me.” (Click here for the rest of her interview.)

Mari Carmen Ávila remembers that the greatest task of this past year “has been to give time for the grace of God to touch hearts.” The four “key words” she sees to describe the coming years are “build, grow, deepen and elevate.”  (Click here for the rest of her interview.)

The General Government of the consecrated women of Regnum Christi was elected at the General Assembly on Wednesday, December 11, 2013.  For a summary of each day at the Assembly, follow this link at ‘Assembly Day by Day”: 



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