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Pinecrest Academy high school boys make the local news for the remake of video on virtue

News Story on Virtue Video

Pinecrest Academy’s high school boys are getting a bit more attention for their remake of a popular video about modesty.  (Click here for the original article about the video on this website.)

This past fall, twelve young men from the school, described as “athletes, scholars and student leaders” remade the video “Virtue Makes You Beautiful,” popularized on YouTube, and based on the song by One Direction, “What Makes You Beautiful.”

The video was debuted during a Pinecrest sports pep rally as a surprise for the high school girls, and when the school posted the video on its Facebook page, it went viral, getting more than 14,000 views.

Now the local news has taken notice.  The video was featured in a story on the local Atlanta NBC affiliate, 11Alive (WXIA).

Click the following link to see the news story:



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