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Turn to Jesus (Article)

After These Days of Discernment…
Regnum Christi consecrated women write letter to movement members during the course of their General Assembly

The General Assembly Delegates
The Delegates to the General Assembly

During the process of the December 2013 General Assembly, the Regnum Christi consecrated women wrote the following letter to members of the movement:

Thy Kingdom Come!



Rome, December 19, 2013

To the Legionaries of Christ, the lay consecrated men, and all lay members of Regnum Christi

Very dear members of the Regnum Christi family:

After these days of discernment and listening to the Holy Spirit in prayer and in one another, the consecrated women who have participated in our first General Assembly want to share a few words from the heart to the whole family of Regnum Christi.

We do so from a sense that has remained clear and has become stronger as we conclude this stage of the renewal process: the grateful recognition of the beauty of God´s plan. We recognize that Regnum Christi is a gift and, within it, the existence of the vocation to consecrated life for women, whose identity and mission we have rediscovered and humbly value as a gift we have received to put at the service of the Church. We trust that this is a work of God and it is He who has been leading this process and will continue guiding it. So we want to keep living it, remaining constantly attentive to the Holy Spirit.

First, we wish to express our gratitude:

  • We thank the Church, who, as a good mother, has believed in us and has made us see once again the beauty contained in this work of God despite its weaknesses and defects.
  • We thank Cardinal Velasio de Paolis and his council, especially Fr. Agostino Montan, for the unconditional support they have offered us; not only have they helped to give form to this path of renewal, but for many of us, their presence has been a reassurance for embarking on this path with renewed confidence.
  • We thank our consecrated sisters, but also all the members of the Regnum Christi family in their distinct vocations, for having persevered through the trials. We have suffered together and together we have grown in maturity and in love.
  • We wish to highlight our special gratitude to our older sisters, the first generations of consecrated women, who believed in this plan of God and carried it forward with much effort and fidelity.
  • We thank the Legion of Christ, with which we were born and from which we have received so much. We direct our gratitude especially to the Legionaries who have accompanied us closely and with special commitment throughout this journey and have provided for us sacramental attention and formation, with humility and at times great detachment. We appreciate their constant availability for the apostolic mission, their doctrinal solidity and fidelity to the Magisterium of the Church, their priestly hearts, and their being men of God. All of this is an invaluable contribution for the entire Regnum Christi family.
  • We thank the consecrated men, our brothers who we have come to know more deeply in these past few years, with whom we have shared both the illuminative phase and the revision and elaboration of the Statutes, and whom we have encountered in carrying out our shared mission. Their closeness, their realism, and their testimony have greatly helped us move forward in this phase. We thank the lay members of the Movement, who have been genuine brothers and sisters, lending support and encouragement along the way. We thank them for allowing us to undertake this process and encouraging us to carry it out, assuming the consequences that it implied. We also thank them because, even in the most difficult moments, they have continued trusting in us.

We recognize that God´s plan has been obscured by mistakes we made and this has caused suffering. We want to take responsibility and ask forgiveness:

  • For our inadvertent errors in: the exercise of authority, vocational discernment, formation processes and carrying out the mission. While these errors can occur in any institution composed of limited and fallible people, this reality does not diminish our sincere sorrow for what has happened.
  • For our faults in these years of the renewal process: for not being sufficiently open to listening and dialogue, for the times that we have caused attitudes of distrust or have unintentionally created confusion in the family.
  • For the times we have failed to sufficiently thank you for all your expressions of support and closeness. And even for when we have had to withdraw from certain cities or countries without giving much explanation.

A particular point of sorrow has been and still is for the sisters who have not continued with us. We wish to include all of them in asking forgiveness as we have expressed, and manifest our deep gratitude and recognition of all the good they have done and all that they have taught us. We trust in God, with the certainty that he weaves stories of personal love for each one, knowing that His ways are not our ways.

We believe that this process of renewal has made this plan of God shine with new intensity and beauty, discovering the meaning of being a charismatic family and valuing in a new way the richness of each of the vocations that comprise it. It has been very beautiful to come to understand that each of the vocations in Regnum Christi has its own identity and, at the same time, cannot be understood without reference to the others; the discovery that in the seed of each vocation, the calling and the communion with the others is already present.

We wish to renew and reinforce our confidence in God and among every one of us, and express our commitment to continue seeking paths of reconciliation, particularly with the Regnum Christi family.

We want to keep advancing in a profound renewal in order to build the future of the Movement, founded on the Gospel:

  • establish processes of formation based on trust and mutual respect, helping each and every one to develop themselves fully;
  • dedicate ourselves to the mission of extending the Kingdom of Christ with attitudes of service, humility, and availability;
  • live and foster the spirit of communion and of family in Regnum Christi, giving testimony to charity in word and indeed, fostering openness and dialogue in interpersonal relations;
  • fight to live the vocation we have been called to with coherence and depth, being women of God and living for others in the mission.

We ask you to continue accompanying us on this path of renewal, for we cannot do it without you. It is a path for the whole Regnum Christi family that we walk together and in a complementary way. We ask for your understanding and support in the coming years, since they will demand a special dedication to the consolidation of the vocation of the consecrated women of Regnum Christi, and because we must accept that we cannot be present in as many places as we would like and as would be ideal.

We would also like to offer you our accompaniment in your own process of renewal, especially now, for the members of first and second degree in the elaboration of your Statutes and as you deepen in your identity and mission, and, all together, as we advance in the configuration of Regnum Christi as a whole.

Fully aware of the primacy of grace, we believe that together we will be able to respond to the exciting challenges that await us in the fulfillment of our vocation and mission. We want to renew our option for holiness on this path at the service of the Church.

We cannot close without telling you how much we love you and how happy we are to know we are part of this great family. We are united in our shared charism and mission of extending the Kingdom of Christ and announcing his Gospel in the world.

With affection and our prayers,

The Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi



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