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Natural Family Planning Course in Spanish
Online course offered to teach NFP to Spanish speakers

NFP course for Spanish speakers

A new course from Colombia in South America is being made available to those who want to teach Natural Family Planning to a Spanish-speaking audience.  One of the course teachers, Catalina Rueda Sáiz, said all that is needed to take the course is the ability to speak Spanish and access to the Internet.

Catalina is a Regnum Christi member who works with the Family Institute at the Archdiocese of Cali in Colombia and a local pro-life organization, Pro Vida Digna in Cali.

The online course will be offered from March 3 to June 16, 2014.  It will benefit those who are already NFP instructors or want to be, and those who work with family and youth organizations, and even couples interested in practicing or better understanding NFP.

“Everything needed will be available through the Internet,” said Catalina. “We will send power point presentations and hold three conferences per week, recorded previously, explaining each class.  We will send out the readings so people can attend in their own houses at any time.  There will also be some live discussion sessions at specific times.”

The course will cover all NFP methods, with special emphasis on the Billings Ovulation Method.
Course contents include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Human Procreation
  • Anthropology Fundaments
  • Recognizing Fertility Methods
  • The Teachings of the Magisterium of the Church on NFP and Sexuality (Humanae Vitae, John  Paul II teachings, etc.)
  • Sexuality Principles and Ethics (with an introduction to Theology of the Body)
  • Psychology Fundamentals Applied to NFP and Marriage
  • Communication Elements to Explain and Teach NFP

Course instructors, in addition to Catalina, include: Maria Piedad Puerta de Klinkert, an expert on NFP and certified Billings Method instructor; Carlos Arturo Tolmos, a theologian and consecrated man with the Christian Life Movement; Ana María Gálvez, a psychologist  from Navarra University in Spain; Sonia Muñoz de Ortiz, a physician specializing in bioethics and family intervention from Navarra University; Yolanda Muñoz, a psychologist and expert in post-abortion syndrome and certified Billings Method instructor; and Patricia Velásquez, an expert in marriage communication and family orientation from Navarra University.

There has been an exciting response to the course offering so far. “People from all over are interested and writing to us,” said Catalina. “I´ve seen letters from Argentina, the USA, Tel Aviv, Guatemala, Perú, and different cities in Colombia.  It´s amazing and exciting.”

The cost to participate in the course is $290.00 in US dollars.

Click here for the Spanish website with more information on the course.  You can also send questions via email to



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