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Consolidating Their Vocation
Consecrated women attend Internship Course in Michigan

Praying young woman

Now that the discernment process for the Regnum Christi consecrated women is 8 years long, the first 3 years of full-time apostolate are crucial for the discernment process.  During these three years, now referred to as “internship,” the consecrated woman encounters many experiences and aspects of RC consecrated life that she could not have foreseen during her years of study and candidacy, which help each to get to know herself better and confirm whether she is called to this life or not. 

To help “consolidate” their vocation process during this phase, 17 of the 20 consecrated women in North America currently in their first three years of full-time apostolic work, took part in the first ever “Internship Course” in Oxford, Michigan, from February 9-17, 2014.

The course included conferences, prayer time and practical workshops. Topics included the spiritual life, the vows in Regnum Christi consecrated life, relationships within community life and apostolic work among others. Fernanda Paez led the course and was one of the speakers. Others speakers included Miriam Orejas, Nancy Nohrden, Michelle Reiff, Dr. Lisa Klewicki and Fr. Edward Hopkins, LC.

The course furthers the “Territorial Imperative No. 3” from the 2011 Territorial Action Plan. The imperative involves the giving of “consistent, excellent spiritual support/formation that helps to restore trust and enthusiasm in our communities and teams and RC members.”

While many of the current interns have completed their discernment process, participants found the course information on subjects such as vows, spiritual life and relationships helpful to “complete the picture” of the
consecrated vocation.  All of the participants expressed their gratitude to Territorial Director Nancy Nohrden and her council, and to Fernanda for investing the time and effort to make this course a possibility.

“I didn’t realize how much I needed this,” said one participant. “I can honestly say it was life-changing.”



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