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Turn to Jesus (Article)

REVs vs. SEMs
Legionaries in California join diocesan basketball challenge

REVs and SEMs
The Legionary members of the REVs and SEMs, with their supporters in the background.

Once a year in the Diocese of San Jose, California, priests and seminarians challenge each other to a friendly game of basketball. The event is organized by the San Jose Vocations Office to promote vocations and raise money for the seminary.

This year, on February 21, 2014, they played to a crowd of about 4,000 people gathered in the Leavey Center on the campus of Santa Clara University. Five Legionaries of Christ participated in this 8th annual event, affectionately dubbed the “REVs vs. SEMs” Challenge. 

Among the REVs were parish priests from the San Jose and San Francisco area joined by Legionaries Fr. Brian Shininger LC, Fr. Timothy Lyons LC and Fr. Joshua West LC.  Playing for the SEMs were seminarians from the dioceses of Reno, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose and Monterey, as well as two Legionary brothers, Br. Emilio Mitre and Br. Patrick O’Loughlin.  Both are currently doing their internships in Cupertino.

People from different parishes were cheering on their pastors, while the Legionaries had support from Regnum Christi members and the families from Canyon Heights Academy.

“It was a fantastic opportunity to get to know and play with other young men highly focused on their future priesthood in the
REVs plan strategy
The REVs plan their strategy.
diocese, who are facing the same challenges we confront every day to discern and remain faithful to Christ’s call,” said Br. Patrick. “And showing the priests we live and work with that we definitely have what it takes, at least on the court.”

Both teams took the challenge very seriously. Preparation for the game started a month ago with weekly practices. Teams had coaches and personalized jerseys. Four referees officiated.  Before the game, each player was introduced, and the bishop of San Jose led an opening prayer, followed by the national anthem sung by a local Catholic school student.

The more experienced REVs led for almost the entire game.  But, with five minutes left in the fourth quarter, the SEMs came back and secured a 57-50 victory, bringing the trophy to the seminary.

Br. Emilio said participating in the game was “priceless, from practice, to the side line, to the court, spending time and getting to know these young men. You see at once the diversity and the communion, the many colors that form that one beautiful path to the priesthood of Christ.”

Since the challenge started eight years ago, the REVs and SEMs
SEMs are champions
The SEMs are victorious.
have split four wins each.  After the game, the seminarians and priests closed the event with a pizza party.



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