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On the Radio
Regnum Christi members are featured on the “In the Arena” radio show in New York City area

In the Arena radio interview
Brenner LeCompte (right) is interviewed on the "In the Arena" program.

Members of the Regnum Christi movement have been featured on recent editions of the radio program “In the Arena” on WOR 710 AM in the New York City area.

On the feast of the Baptism of Our Lord this year, RC member Brenner LeCompte was one of four representatives discussing ecclesial movements in the Catholic Church.  The host also interviewed members of Opus Dei, the Catholic charismatic movement and the Communion and Liberation movement. Brenner does an excellent job discussing the place of Regnum Christi in the Church at this point in history.  His interview takes place toward the end of the program, at approximately the 36-minute mark. Click here for the interview on Youtube.

One the February 23, 2014, program, financial expert Stephen Auth talked about his involvement in the Lumen apostolate of Regnum Christi, and how the Catholic Church views financial stewardship. Click here for the interview on Youtube.



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