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Retreat Guides on CatholicTV
RC Spirituality Center Director Lucy Honner is interviewed about the national broadcast of Retreat Guides

Lucy Honner on CatholicTV
Lucy Honner is interviewed on the program "This is the Day."

Lucy Honner, Director of the RC Spirituality Center, was recently interviewed on the Catholic TV of Boston’s program “This is the Day,” discussing the center’s Retreat Guides.

Catholic TV is now running the Retreat Guides in an hour long program which began March 1, 2014. The first Retreat Guide being featured is the "The Colors of the Cross."

“A different Retreat Guide from our growing Gallery will run at varying times each month throughout this year,” said Lucy. “This is just another way we are making the Retreat Guides available.”

The program will air as part of the “CatholicTV Presents” and “CatholicTV Showcase” during March, beginning today.  The dates include:

Monday, March 10 at 10:30 pm
Thursday, March 13 at 5:00 pm
Saturday, March 15 at 3:30 am
Friday, March 21 at 9:30 pm
Saturday March 22 at 1:00 pm

Go to the following link to see if your cable provider offers CatholicTV:

Programs may also be viewed online at the Catholic TV website,, by clicking the green “Watch Live” button at the top of the page.

All Retreat Guides from the RC Spirituality Center can be accessed at  They can be watched, listened to, or read, for individuals, families, or groups.  The retreat guide consists of a brief introduction, two or three meditation starters, a conference, and a personal questionnaire to aid reflection.

The RC Spirituality Center introduced the idea of the Retreat Guides in November of 2012.  Since then, 15 retreat guides have been made available, dealing with various
Lucy and Gina with CatholicTV staff
RC consecrated women Lucy Honner (third from right) and Gina Chavez (third from left) with CatholicTV staff.
topics and offering reflections pertinent to all seasons in the Church year.

Fr. John Bartunek LC, who leads the Retreat Guides, said the guides “can be a powerful tool both for complementary formation (in conjunction with live retreats) and for sharing with people who may be intimidated by an invitation to a live retreat,” he said. “You can do it at your convenience and at your own pace.  It is completely flexible and non-threatening.”



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