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Communion and Cooperation in Evangelizing
A meeting to chart the course towards a canonical configuration of Regnum Christi

Leaders of the different branches of the Regnum Christi movement are working to create an adequate canonical configuration for Regnum Christi as a whole and to agree on a provisory model to foster the communion and cooperation of all the branches in the meantime.

“We sought to identify the principles that should be protected, the mission that God is entrusting to us, the spirit that moves us and the institutional means that we should employ to live it out and so walk together,” said Viviana Limón, a general councilor of the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi.

The central governments of the Legion of Christ, of the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi, and of the Consecrated Lay Men of Regnum Christi met March 17 – 19 in Rome.  Joining there were the five representatives of the lay members of the first and second degrees of Regnum Christi: Kerrie Rivard (United States), José Antonio Lebrija (Mexico), Lucia Hauser (Germany), Iliano Piccolo (Mexico) and Francisco Gámez (from Venezuela, who participated via Skype).

During the meetings, Bernardo Pérez, a general councilor of the Consecrated Lay Men of Regnum Christi, said they were seeking “to give continuity to our efforts to delve into the charism of the movement and the specific contribution of each of the vocations that make it up.  We are also confronting issues about the way in which we will fulfill the mission together.”

Lucia Hauser, a member of the movement from Germany, said, “We sought to address the principles in order to get at the roots of the issues.  Without this clarity, a very well developed set of statutes and guidelines will not be of any use.  Each of us should ask himself or herself where we stand and how we want to confront the mission.  We can emphasize results, drawing our fulfillment from success, achieving goals, but without fostering mercy.  Or we can recognize our own limits, strengths and weaknesses, and emphasize the fact that we are loved.  In this way we can seek to serve love from where God has put us in life and so, fulfill our mission as an expression of that love.”

Fr. Juan Sabadell, one of the general councilors of the Legion, said, “It is important to remember that our agreement here is provisional.  Sooner or later we will have to adjust it through institutional channels such that, in the light of experience and in mutual dialogue, we will interpret the signs of the times and respond to new situations and hopes.”

Click here for an article discussing the various documents that resulted from this meeting. 



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