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Turn to Jesus (Article)

The House
Help requested to open the new youth mission center for young men in Connecticut

Fr. Gregory Usselmann shows off The House chapel
Fr. Gregory Usselmann LC shows off the part of "The House" that will be the new chapel.

Regnum Christi members in Cheshire, Connecticut, the location of the Legion of Christ seminary in North America, are planning to make use of the supply of zealous young spiritual mentors by building an ECyD “mission” house there.

(Click here for more information on ECyD for boys. ECyD also has a program for girls - click here.)

Called simply “The House,” the center is located next to the Cheshire seminary gymnasium. It is being promoted as “an epicenter of Catholic youth culture, where young men are eager to spread and grow their faith, guided by the ones who change culture as their life’s mission.”

According to Fr. Gregory Usselmann, LC, the mission center will provide a centralized location where high-school-aged young men involved in ECyD will both receive formation and host integration activities. “There are around 15 to 20 young men in this network already,” he said. “They are the ones who christened it ‘The House.’”

The building plan involves creating a retreat center and adoration chapel. From photos of recent ECyD incorporations at
ECyD incorporations in Connecticut
In February, 2014, during an open house for the new mission center, 12 young people incorporated into ECyD.
the not-yet-completed structure, the mission House is already helping bring in new members.

RC Connecticut is soliciting help to complete the structure, which they are hoping to officially open on Palm Sunday.  Donors are being sought to purchase “bricks,” which are actually a square foot of the building, for $30 each.  Approximately 300 bricks remain to be completed, and they are $9,000 shy of their $71,000 goal.

One generous donor has already pledged to match every “brick” up to $5,000 each for the remaining 300 bricks.

“For something started this January 2014, I can’t tell you how inspiring it is to see the young men taking ownership for their Catholic formation by building
Jorge Orellana, his brother Chris
Thanks go out to Jorge Orellana and his brother Chris for overseeing the mission house construction.
the ‘House’ with very the materials you donated!” said Fr Simon Devereux LC.  “And they insist upon doing Eucharistic Adoration for each donor. Not a bad trade off!”

Fr. Gregory said local RC members would like to thank Jorge Orellana, his brother Chris and cousin Roberto, who are handling the construction work. “They are heart and soul in the project,” he said.

You can watch a short video of Fr. Gregory giving a virtual tour of the construction project at their
Christian Chasse gives his ECyD testimony
Christian Chasse gives his ECyD testimony during the center open house.

If you have questions, or would like to donate, contact Fr. Gregory at



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