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Bible “Boot Camp” in Houston
Lumen members gather to grow in understanding of sacred Scripture

Lumen Bible Boot Camp in Houston
Fr. Nathaniel Haslam LC and Fr. Shawn Aaron LC (back row, L to R) with the Lumen members at "Bible Boot Camp" in Houston.

On the second weekend of March, members of the Lumen Institute Houston Chapter gathered at Houston Oaks Country Club for “Bible Boot Camp 1.0,” led by Fr. Shawn Aaron, LC. The event was intended to help participants grow in their understanding of sacred Scripture. 

The program commenced on Friday evening with a welcome dinner and Gospel reflection. On Saturday, the program continued through lunch-time with the celebration of the Eucharist, seminars on Scripture, and moments of fellowship.

One of the members said: “It was a truly enjoyable personal and spiritual journey, getting to know those who will be life-long friends.”

“The Bootcamp was a wonderful experience,” said another participant. “It created a better frame of reference, or context, for all sacred Scripture.  It has added a new dimension to my understanding.”

“The like-minded business leaders of the Lumen Institute strive to grow in faith, character and leadership, in order to be good stewards of the time, talent, treasure and influence granted to them by the Lord,” said Fr. Nathaniel Haslam, LC, chaplain of the Houston Chapter of the Institute, and spiritual coach of the members.

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