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The Quest for the Core
A summary review of the new book by Fr. Patrick Langan LC and Fr. Owen Kearns LC

The Quest for the Core

The following is a summary review about their new book, “Quest for the Core,” by authors Fr. Patrick Langan LC and Fr. Owen Kearns LC.

Reading this book is a journey into joy.

It’s a joy to accompany two very different Irish Legionaries on their adventure around the world into the heart of the Regnum Christi charism.

It’s a joy to accompany Regnum Christi members around the world as they refine the expression of the charism we all share and live.

It’s a joy to watch the inner core of the Regnum Christi charism gradually crystallize into a thing of wonder, a beautiful harmony.

It’s a joy to grasp the inner working of the Regnum Christi charism -- its core.

It’s a joy, once you’ve read this book, to feel competence and confidence as you yourself explain to the next generation of Regnum Christi members the amazing beauty and humble power of a charism you live in communion with other Regnum Christi members -- Legionary priests and religious, diocesan priest members, consecrated men and women, and lay members in Regnum Christi sections around the world.

Enjoy the joy!

The “Quest for the Core” is available in paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon at The paperback edition is print-on-demand, with printing facilities worldwide. Coming soon – “En Busca del Núcleo,” a Spanish translation of this book.



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