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Turn to Jesus (Article)

New Beginnings
Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi members gathered last week to celebrate a new chapter in the movement’s history

Legion of Christ Mass at Cheshire, Connecticut

by Br. Antonio Lemos

On April 22 and 23, 2014, the Cheshire Novitiate and Humanities College (Cheshire, Connecticut) hosted a gathering of all Legionaries in the North American Territory and representatives from the Regnum Christi movement to celebrate a new chapter in the movement’s history. 

Most of the Legionaries of the Territory arrived on Easter Monday.  Fr. Eduardo Robles Gil LC, the General Director, arrived in Cheshire on Saturday evening for the celebration of the Easter Vigil.

On the morning of Easter Tuesday was the first concelebration with a 120 Legionary priests. More than 250 Legionaries were present, including priests and
Fr. Gil talking with consecrated women
Fr. Eduardo Gil LC talks with visiting members of the RC consecrated.
brothers working in USA and Canada, the humanists and novices of Cheshire, and the apostolics of Sacred Heart and Immaculate Conception. During the homily, Fr.  Eduardo mentioned that God is always close to us, but sometimes he is hidden and we need to make a effort to find him.

That same Tuesday in the morning Fr. Eduardo held a conference and Q&A for all priests and interns. He gave an update from the chapter and the next steps he will take as general director.  He also took advantage of the time to thank Fr. Luis Garza for all his work as Territorial Director in the last years and to welcome Fr. John Connor as new Territorial Director.

In that same morning, Fr Luis held a conference for all present in which he offered an overview of the situation of Territory in different areas, including an update on apostolates, finances, etc.

On Wednesday
Siblings Kathleen Murphy and Fr. Thomas Murphy LC
Siblings Kathleen Murphy and Fr. Thomas Murphy LC
all Legionaries, consecrated men and women, diocesan priests and RC members and friends gathered in St. Bridge’s, a parish nearby Cheshire, for the celebration of the Eucharist. During the homily, Fr. Eduardo mentioned our journey has been like that of the disciples of Emmaus. He pointed out how important is for us to trust in the Lord, because Jesus trusts in us.

After Mass, everyone had lunch together in a nearby hall and more than 400 people were present. At the end of lunch, Fr. Thomas Murphy LC and RC consecrated woman Kathleen Murphy, who are siblings, gave their testimony about this renewal period of the Regnum Christi movement. The consecrated women presented a few songs, followed by the Legionary brothers who also presented their songs.
Consecrated and brothers singing

On behalf of the lay members, Candy Nesbit gave her personal testimony about her experience with Regnum Christi and the period of renewal.



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