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Men’s Triduum
Cheshire seminary hosts 13 men during the first weekend of May

Mary crowned for May

Cheshire, Connecticut -- On the first weekend of the month dedicated to our Blessed Mother, 13 men from throughout the United States participated in a Men’s Triduum retreat at the Legion of Christ seminary in Cheshire, Connecticut.

The event took place from Thursday, May 2 through Sunday, May 4.  Fr Owen Kearns LC, former editor-in-chief of the National Catholic Register, preached the retreat, focusing on the development and understanding of the Regnum Christi charism.

Participants were given three meditations each day and participated in the Stations of the Cross devotion, as well as having ample opportunities for spiritual direction and confession. 

Please keep these men
Fr. Owen Kearns LC
Fr. Owen Kearns LC
in your prayers.



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