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Turn to Jesus (Article)

4 Years and 40 Years
Everest Collegiate Celebrates Graduation of its 3rd Senior Class on May 18, 2014, and “graduation” of Fr. Lorenzo Gomez LC

Fr. Gomez speaking at Everest graduation
Fr. Lorenzo Gomez LC speaking at Everest Collegiate High School 2014 graduation

Clarkston, Michigan – “You must be leaders, Christian leaders.”

These are the words of Fr. Lorenzo Gomez LC, the keynote speaker at the 2014 graduation ceremony of Everest Collegiate High School in Clarkston, Michigan.

Addressing the 26 young men and women of the third EC graduating class on May 18, he took the time to thank all the leaders in the business and community who invested in Everest Academy and Everest Collegiate over the years.  He reminded the students that they must return the blessings they have been given to others through loving Christian service.

Fr. Lorenzo mentioned the advice of one of the past president of Chrysler Corporation, John Riccardo, who said the secret of his success was keeping his life in proper order -- God first, then family, then work.

“Keep loving Christ,” Fr. Lorenzo told the graduates. “I know you are going to make it. You have a good conscience. If you have a good conscience, you can’t be bad. Society can do nothing to you.”

He then surprised the audience by saying he would soon join the students as a “graduate” himself. “You graduate after 4 years, and me after 40 years,” he said referring to how long he has served in the Detroit metro area.  Following this school year, Fr. Lorenzo will be transferred by the Legion of Christ to work with the community in California.  (Click here to read an “open” letter to Fr. Gomez from the Legion Territorial Director for North America, Fr. John Connor LC,
EC Graduates saying the rosary
EC Graduates say a decade of the rosary with Mary.
and click here to read Fr. Gomez’s response letter.)

Principal Greg Reichert also addressed the Everest Collegiate graduates, telling them the best way to change the world is to change themselves.  This is the goal of an Everest education, he said, with its Integral Formation focusing on developing students academically, in human and spiritual virtue and encouraging apostolic service.

“The essence of truth doesn’t exist is telling it to others,” he said. “It exists in being the message, so others will be surprised by you.”

Fr. Daniel Pajerski LC, the main celebrant for the Mass which preceded the graduation ceremony, gave the graduates some advice during his homily on how to keep the faith as they go out into the world.  He told them to first remember their identity as followers of Christ who have been “bought with a price” and redeemed.  He said the graduates must discover their place in the Church as apostles, staying obedient to the teachings of the Catholic faith.  Finally, he said they must, like the Blessed Virgin Mary, decisively say yes to whatever Christ asks of them, without fear, committing themselves to Him, as he has committed himself to them.

Also speaking during the event where the
The 2014 Everest Collegiate High School Seniors
The 2014 Everest Collegiate High School Senior Class
Everest Collegiate valedictorians, Angela Cunningham and Jeremy Shupbach, and the Integer Award winners, Jacqueline Beltowski and Ryan Bradley.  The Integer Award recognizes students at the school who best exemplify the tenents of Integral Formation.



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