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The Message is Christ
Legionaries discuss the goal of the Regnum Christi missionary work in New York City during an interview on Telemundo

Fr. Juan Pablo Duran LC interview with Telemundo
Fr. Juan Pablo Duran LC is interviewed by a Telemundo reporter.

“Pope Francis has invited us to go out of the Church and evangelize today’s society.”

These are the words of Fr. Juan Pablo Duran LC describing what he and Fr. Jason Smith LC discussed with a Telemundo reporter during an interview last month broadcast on the Spanish network. The interview was taped during the Regnum Christi Mission in New York City in the SoHo area.

“I explained how our mission is to take Christ to all walks of life, and to proclaim how Christ has something to say to each one of us in all the aspects of our life: our professional work, the arts, business, our families, culture, etc.,” he said. “I also explained that Legionaries do not work alone, but that we work hand in hand with Regnum Christi, lay men and women who have the same missionary zeal and experience of Christ, who proclaim the same message in their own walks of life.”

Fr. Juan Pablo particularly remembers these words:

“Going out to the streets is a way of saying: ‘Here we are. We have made mistakes, but here we are.’ Because we are not the message. The message is Christ.”

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