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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Insight into the Word
Fr. Jason Mitchell LC offers a blog resource to better understand Scripture from the daily Mass

Holy Bible

Following is an interview with Fr. Jason Mitchell LC, who is presenting his daily Mass homilies as a resource in a new blog.

Why are you doing the blog  

I started doing this blog to understand the Word of God more deeply and to help others grow in their understanding of this Word as presented in the Liturgy of the Word.

Who is the intended audience for your blog?

The intended audience is twofold: 1) those who go to daily mass and want to understand the readings and the connections between them; 2) priests and deacons looking for daily homily assistance. There are a lot of websites that help with the Sunday liturgy, so I am trying to fill the gap for the daily liturgy. The "Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture" published by Baker Academic is also a great resource.

What is the focus of your blog?

During my time in Jerusalem (summer of 2013) I was able to preach a homily every day, something that is hard to do, in a seminary where there are over 40 priests. Preparing the homily each day helped me spiritually, and I saw that it was helping those who came to daily mass. I started to see the connections between the Old Testament and the New, between the Gospel and the other New Testament writings, and between the physical locations in the Holy Land and the written Word. I started to post the homilies on a blog towards the end of the summer
Homilies blog from Fr. Jason Mitchell LC
Catholic Homilies Blog by Fr. Jason Mitchell LC.
and continued with it throughout the school year.

The focus of the blog is to offer a simple, straight-forward explanation of the Liturgy of the Word. These can be used for spiritual reading or for meditation. Priests and deacons can use them to get ideas for their own homilies. Each homily tries to draw out some connection between the first reading and the Gospel. When no connection is evident, I try to transition as smoothly as possible from one reading to the next.

Is this effort different than what is available from Sacerdos?

I think my homilies compliment the daily reflections found on My homilies are more geared to understanding the Word of God and allowing the Word to engage me and my life. The daily reflections, modeled on Ignatian meditation, deal more with the person´s life and decisions, through questions, petitions, prayers and even a proposed resolution.

You said you may publish these homilies into a book. What is your goal for this book?

It is my hope at some time to publish them in a book or two. I am especially interested in the daily homilies and its two-year cycle. I look forward to seeing what themes repeat throughout the year and get a sense of what God is telling his people over the course of the two years.

Why do you say it helps your own spiritual life to write this blog?

I am at a point in my spiritual life where I am unsatisfied by generic exhortations to virtue. I find nourishment in the Word of God. I don’t like spiritual talks that concentrate solely on our efforts to be holy or perfect. Holiness is a primarily a gift from God, and not a human conquest. It is not so much about what I do, but about what God does in me and with me. In our spiritual life, we are responding to God´s grace and inspirations. This is a constant message in the Gospel, in Paul´s writings and even in the Old Testament.

Your homilies are now on Zenit?  

A couple months ago, Zenit offered to publish my homilies. It was a providential move. I get several messages a week from priests and religious and lay people who are using them for their own spiritual growth and to prepare their own homilies.

Any interesting blog topics you have discussed that you can share? Your favorites?

I try to emphasize the history of salvation, the New Testament fulfillment of Old Testament promises, the Church´s doctrine on the relationship between grace and freedom, the role of the Sacraments in our lives, the fundamental truth of the Trinity, etc... I try to avoid reducing the readings to one virtue or to a general theme. I do speak more to the intellect than to the heart, trusting that the Holy Spirit will find fertile ground in those who hear the Word of God.



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