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On Sale from the RC Store
Fr. Daniel Brandenburg’s “Better With God” book is available for 20 percent off the retail price

Fr. Daniel Brandenburg LC and his Book

This month the featured sales item at the RC Store is a book by Fr. Daniel Brandenburg LC, Better With God: Why be good without God when you can be better with God?

The book is offered, for July only, at 20 percent off its retail price. To order this item, go to the following link:

“In a nutshell, this book explains the crisis of faith in modern society, and discusses how this crisis became personal for me through an experience of a priest gone ‘bad’ and an atheist gone ‘good’,” said Fr. Daniel. (For the story about the book on this website, click here.)

Fr. Daniel said the book’s subject matter revolves around two questions:

• Can we be good without God?  The book includes some of the arguments from atheists and 10 modern myths about faith.

• Are we better off with religion?  The book provides a review of various studies that show
Better with God
the surprising results of religion in society, and specifically of Christianity.

This is Fr. Daniel’s second book.  He previously published The New Fundamentalists: the Intolerance of Tolerance, available on Amazon.



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