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MS degree in Psychology Online
IPS now offering an online curriculum for a Master of Sciences degree in Psychology

Online psychology degree from IPS

Thanks to the Institute for the Psychological Sciences, graduate students can now get their Master of Science degree in two years fully online! IPS is offering a 36 credit-hour, online curriculum, taken over a 2-year period.

Founded in Arlington, Virginia in 1999, IPS offers a unique psychology curriculum based on a Catholic understanding of the human person and the best of modern psychology.

“We are continuing to explore other ways to transform culture and make the practice of an integrated psychology a prominent reality,” said the Institute’s president, Fr. Charles Sikorsky LC.

Professor at Boston College and guest lecturer at IPS, Dr. Peter Kreeft, said he cannot recommend IPS “too highly or enthusiastically.”

“Everything I know about this Institute makes me confident that its graduates are destined to ‘make waves’ in our society that will touch and heal many, many sore souls and make a deep and lasting influence on individuals, families, our culture, and the science of psychology,” he said.

Geared toward those in the helping professions, the new IPS online curriculum says its students will become “transformational leaders” in their field. They will not only “advance professionally,” growing in “knowledge and expertise, learning practical work skills,” but also grow in their faith and learn to apply it in a psychology-related profession, increasing their “capacity to serve” and “helping others to flourish and grow in virtue.”

Visit to download more information about the online degree, including IPS’s:

- Mission and identity
- Renowned faculty
- A course listing of the IPS “courageously Catholic curriculum”
- Online community and program format
- Financial aid information
- Admission requirements

You can also call (703) 416-1441.



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