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2013 Financial Report
North American Territory releases financial results for the most recent fiscal year

In God we Trust

The Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi in North America have released their financial report for the fiscal year 2013.

According to the report, financial results for 2013 “parallel the progress Regnum Christi and the Legion have been making worldwide as part of the renewal process.” The movement’s three financial strategies -- Restructure, Regionalize and Reinforce -- are detailed.

“We are successfully building the financial base that will support the long-term viability and growth of our work in the United States and Canada,” said Fr. Jose Felix Ortega LC, Chief Financial Officer for the North American Territory. “The journey towards profound renewal and unity as a spiritual family is advancing, and the steps we have taken to strengthen our financial health are serving to maximize our ability to advance on this path at the service of the Church.”

Click here to read the report.



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