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Fr. John Bartunek tackles spiritual questions in his new book

Fr. John Bartunek directing a small group.
Fr. John Bartunek LC directing a small group.

Fr. John Bartunek LC has taken his years of experience answering questions about the spiritual life and collected them into a new Q & A book called Answers: Catholic Advice for Your Spiritual Questions, published by Servant Books, a subsidiary of Franciscan Media.

Dan Burke, executive director of EWTN’s National Catholic Register and organizer of the website, asked Fr. John to contribute to the website a few years ago. Since then, Fr. John has continued to field spiritual questions on a weekly basis.

“Properly aimed and answered, these questions can launch a soul into engagement with God that it would otherwise have never known,” writes Dan in his “Foreword” for Fr. John’s new book.

Taking this series of real-life questions answered on the website, Fr. John has compiled what he describes as a handbook to deal with some of the toughest spiritual questions, ranging from prayer to solving moral dilemmas. 

Samples of
Book "Answers: Catholic Advice for Your Spiritual Questions"
some of the questions include:
• How can I hear God speaking in prayer?
• What is redemptive suffering? What does it mean to ‘offer it up’?
• How can I learn to love God?
• How can I be joyful when life seems hopeless?
• Why are some sins so hard to overcome?
• How can I forgive someone who shows no remorse?
• What kind of entertainment is appropriate?
• Is it possible to be too spiritual or passionate about my faith?
• What are Indulgences? What is a Novena?
• Why is it Important to attend Sunday Mass?
• Can non-Christians go to Heaven?

The new book focuses specifically on how a Christian can grow spiritually.  Fr. John said he tried to make his answers concise and easy to read, in what he calls “a practical compendium” useful as spiritual reading for beginners and veterans in the Christian life. He also pointed out that the book can be an apologetics tool, showing ways to explain these truths to inquisitive colleagues, family members, and acquaintances.

“You can get through one or two questions in just a few minutes,” he said.  “It serves as an excellent source for spiritual reading. And since the questions are all from real people trying to grow spiritually, the answers always bring theoretical truths down to practical behaviors and applications.” 

Don’t just take Fr. John’s word for it.  “Every single Catholic should keep a copy of Answers at home and at work to help them better understand and share their faith with others," writes Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and The Advantage, in his recommendation for the book. “Outside of the Bible and the Catechism, this may be the most complete explanation of our faith that I´ve ever encountered.  Fr. John Bartunek has an amazing gift for describing the most important
Fr. John Bartunek talking with Dan Burke
Fr. John Bartunek talking with Dan Burke.
things with clarity, completeness and humanity.”

The book is available at Amazon at the following link:



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