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Men´s Regnum Christi International Convention
Spreading the Kingdom throughout the world.

Retreat at Guile Center
Regnum Christi members are making an impact throughout the world.
An international Regnum Christi men´s convention was held February 13th-16th at the Guile Foundation headquarters in Switzerland with the participation of Regnum Christi members from twelve countries (Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, Liechtenstein, England, the United States, Switzerland and Austria).

The convention was directed by Fr Pedro Barrajon, LC, and Fr Michael Luxbacher, LC. The theme for the convention was the structure and spirit of Regnum Christi. The attendees really appreciated the talks and formative activities. The most popular subjects over the course of the convention were charity and the need to spread the word about the Movement. It was also a wonderful opportunity for the men to learn more about the numerous apostolates that the Movement is promoting throughout the world and the need for them to get more involved in them to more effectively establish God´s Kingdom.

The convention site provided a good opportunity for the members to
Father Pedro Barrajon, LC
Father Pedro Barrajon, LC, encourages the men to be leaders for Christ.
learn more about the Guile Foundation which stands in the service of anyone wishing to deepen their vocation as "responsible builders of human society", that is, all men and women of good will who, through their professional, family or spiritual responsibilities, work openly or behind the scenes to build works of peace and justice. Currently it has made great progress striving to build a network of intellectual, economic and social leaders throughout Europe by offering conferences, congresses and seminars.

The Guile Foundation currently has centers in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy and Ireland.



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