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Mission of Regnum Christi

As an organization born in the heart of the Church, Regnum Christi’s mission is to bring Christ’s redemptive message to every heart, and to imbue every human endeavor with the spirit of the Gospel. Its mission is to extend Christ’s Kingdom in full collaboration with the Church and its bishops. Regnum Christi’s goals and activities are primarily spiritual, transcendent, and salvific.

Taken as a whole, Regnum Christi´s apostolic goal is to form a particular kind of Catholic: one who is actively committed to Jesus Christ and his Church at the service of all people.

By its charism, Regnum Christi supports the ministry of the local dioceses, promotes parish life, and encourages personal initiative in its members, inviting them to undertake new apostolic works according to the circumstances of time and place.

The wide range of apostolates available to Regnum Christi members include: missions, service projects, educational works, catechetical schools, youth and family ministries, works of cultural transformation, and mass media projects so that each member can devote their own talents to the mission.

If you would like more information about Regnum Christi or about how to serve the Church as an active lay Catholic, we invite you to contact us



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