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Turn to Jesus (Article)

A Gift for the Holy Father
| WHO WE ARE | NEWS would like to offer our Holy Father Pope John Paul II a beautiful Christmas present this year.

Papa saluda desde papamovil OK would like to offer our Holy Father Pope John Paul II a beautiful Christmas present this year. As you all know on October 16th the Holy Father celebrates his 25th anniversary as the Vicar of Christ on earth.

We would like to present his Holiness with 25,000 subscriptions to the Daily Meditations by December 25th for the Pope´s 25th anniversary as Holy Father.

We presently have over 12,000 people subscribed to the service in English, Spanish, French and Italian throughout 100 countries. In the month of August we registered over 500 new subscriptions. If each person who currently receives these beautiful and inspiring Gospel reflections gets just one of their friends to subscribe we will double our number and be able to reach our goal.

We have two services delivering the same content in different ways: the daily and the weekly. With the weekly format your friend would only receive one e-mail a week containing all the meditations for the entire week; the daily format e-mails each meditation individually. Imagine what we could do for Christ if just a few more of our friends and family members reflected on our Lord´s words for a few minutes every day!

Over the years we have received many inspiring messages from people all over the world whose lives have been changed by this free service. Here are a few examples:

A soldier in Iraq writes:
My wife just sent me this link and it looks great. I am presently in Iraq with the US Army and this will be a great help for daily reflection, there aren´t many Catholic chaplains out here so this is good.Thank you.

A Mom from Michigan spreads the word:
I am a member of RC and want to thank you for the wonderful daily meditations. I am presently putting together our home school newsletter which is sent to approximately 500 families in Michigan. I would like to reprint the daily meditation from Aug 5 by Fr. Swanson. The topic seems particularly suited to the new school year, but I would also like to recommend that families subscribe to this service so that they too can receive a daily meditation.

A young woman from Poland
Thank you very much for the meditations, they are really helpful in my everyday payers. I would like to help you somehow. If you need something ask me. GOD BLESS YOU!

Boys taking to the airwaves in Montana
A couple of boys in Helena, Montana (one of them our son) are putting together a weekly radio hour for the Carroll College radio station. Half of the time will be used for a music presentation that will tend to meet their youthful energies and the other 1/2 hour will be news clips and a saint for the week.... We would like to use the gospel meditations to begin the 1/2 hour each week. The boys are preparing the program ahead of time on an mp3 so that it can run smoothly without errors and then simply play it the day of the programming each week. Thank you for your consideration.

A teacher in Georgia
I am a teacher at Pinecrest Academy in Georgia. I would like to receive the daily meditations directly please. I find them to be very formative and like to begin my day with them. Thank you.

A Mom from Iowa
I have been using the meditations for some time now. Keep up the great work and I will get the word out about this great service. I will tell all Regnum Christi members and others who might be interested. Thanks!

Please help us make this gift for the Holy Father a reality. You will be helping to change the lives of your friends and the world at the same time. There is no greater power than the power of prayer.

Click here to view an example of one of the meditations.

Please do not sign up others against their will or without their knowledge. We would just like to encourage you to invite them.

To subscribe to the free daily or weekly meditation service click here.

For more information please contact us at

(September 15, 2003)



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