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Consecrated Women’s Choir on Tour
The Mater Ecclesiae College Choir celebrates with “family” in Michigan and New York

The consecrated women singing
The consecrated women singing

Members of the Mater Ecclesiae College Choir shared their talents and testimonies during a three-stop tour at locations in Michigan and New York during November.

Attending an Auction in Michigan

Wakefield, Rhode Island -- On November 11, 2010, fourteen members of the Mater Ecclesiae College choir packed themselves along with instruments, luggage, and enough food for three meals into mini-vans for a twelve-hour ride to Detroit. The choir was invited to sing and to share their vocation testimonies with those attending an annual fundraising dinner.

Mater Ecclesiae College is the formation center for the Regnum Christi consecrated women.  

The following day the choir also took time to visit Everest Academy in Clarkston, Michigan, meeting the students, and fielding questions such as, “How do you know when God is asking you to do something?” posed by a sixth grade student.

That evening they mingled with the Regnum Christi members from the area who were attending the dinner and auction. 

Consecrated members were impressed by the strong sense of family among all those present.  Kate Bozsik, a consecrated woman from Akron, Ohio said, “I felt like I was one among old friends!  I had great conversations with couples who were full of gratitude for the work the Legionaries and consecrated women had done in helping their own children mature in their Catholic faith.”

Especially touching was the testimony of the man who served as auctioneer for the live auction.  Newly consecrated woman Kaitlyn Reaux, from Louisiana said his words were the “highlight” of her evening.  “He told us that our witness as consecrated souls confirmed that God must really exist, and that He has the ability to completely satisfy and fulfill
Give a Breath of Heaven This Christmas
Give a Breath of Heaven This Christmas
the hearts of man. He was glowing as he spoke of the beauty of our vocation and even confessed that he would be honored if one of his children were called by God. He spoke of the great generosity of all the families present who had children with vocations. I began to tear up as I thought of my own family who has also given so much.”

Celebrating in Thornwood, NY

A week later on the solemnity of Christ the King, the consecrated women went out again to sing in two different sections in New York. One group headed to the city of Thornwood, where the tri-state Regnum Christi day was being held.

The event began with a Eucharistic celebration at the Legion of Christ seminary there. About 65 people attended the Mass, which was followed by a social gathering with refreshments. Fr. Michael Brisson LC, local coordinator of apostolate, welcomed all those gathered, including Legionaries, Regnum Christi members, RC missionaries, and consecrated women, saying, “We wanted to bring the whole family together.”

The consecrated women sang four songs, ending with the Ave Maria. They dedicated it as a prayer for the family gathered and those in the family who could not be with them.

Following their performance, the Regnum Christi missionaries introduced themselves and explaining the RC mission corps. A two-year volunteer described his volunteer experience as one of brotherhood, prayer, and apostolate – all elements of a true RC team, he said.

The event ended with an expression of thanks to everyone for “being a part of the family!”

Worshipping in Syracuse, NY

At the same time, 10 consecrated women took a separate trip to upstate NY, where the Syracuse and Rochester
Fr. Daniel Brandenburg LC visits with families during the “Christ the King” Day celebration
Fr. Daniel Brandenburg LC visits with families during the “Christ the King” Day celebration
RC sections where gathered.  They sang during Mass concelebrated by the local coordinator of apostolate, Fr. Daniel Brandenburg LC, and Fr. David Koonce LC.  Fr. David gave the homily, speaking about the two different types of kingships presented in the liturgy: the kingship of the world, as shone through Saul and David, which is incomplete and incapable of fulfilling; and the Kingship of Christ, who reigns from his cross and asks not to reign over our material possessions but our hearts.

The consecrated women then accompanied the section to the local RC mission center for a Christ the King Day celebration.  They performed five songs as dinner began, with about 90 members and friends of Regnum Christi present.

Fr. Daniel led the blessing of the meal, thanking God not only for the food but for the family that was gathered together. “We are so thankful for everyone gathered here, for all the Regnum Christi members, for their families and friends, for the Legionaries here, and especially for the consecrated women who came to be with us and sing for us. Let us give thanks that we are here together as one family!”

The choir was grateful for the opportunity to be with movement members. Choir director Emily Roman said, “Many of the RC members are know with the Legionaries, but we are just only starting to work in the sections. This was a great chance for us to meet our Regnum Christi family, and doing so on the Regnum Christi day was ideal! We were together as one family, as it should be!”

If you would like to enjoy the music of the RC consecrated women, check out their music CDs here.  For more information on the consecrated, go to  



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