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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Behind the Scenes
The making of the CDs by the Regnum Christi consecrated women.

MEC choir
The year 2010 saw the production and release of two new CDs by the consecrated women.

By Cathy Floro

The consecrated women recently released a new album, Strength from Heaven, which contains songs inspired by the psalms. (Listen to sample tracks here.) You may have heard their CDs, but have you ever wondered how these CDs came to be?

The idea

“Why not record our favorite chapel songs on a CD?” was the question Jill Swallow asked several years ago when she started her formation in Greenville. It was an opportunity for people to learn more about their faith, listen to healthy music, and receive the Gospel message.

Swallow’s question was answered by the recording of a CD, In His Presence, that marked the beginning of the collection of music now available from the consecrated women. Strength from Heaven is now the fifth volume in the Regnum Christi consecrated women’s series of sacred music which includes favorite chapel music, Marian hymns, songs in the Spirit of St. Paul, and a Christmas CD. There are also three CD’s of contemporary music, soon to be followed by a children’s CD and another CD of original compositions.

Talents in use

When God calls someone to a consecrated vocation, like in any vocation he calls that person with all that they are—including any musical talents they’ve been blessed with.

God’s talents are definitely put to good use. “We need to use our talents for the kingdom,” said Swallow, “and when we do, God is able to touch many lives.”

“I thought that I would be giving up music,” said Emily Roman, a senior at Mater Ecclesiae College who was previously very involved with the symphonic and marching band programs in her native North Carolina. “But God had bigger plans for me.”

Now Roman finds herself not only involved with the recording of CDs, but also directing the music program at Mater Ecclesiae College, conducting the college’s choir, and composing original songs.

Marcela de Maria, a consecrated woman in Rome, wrote all of the songs in the July 2010 release I Can Love You Still. The CD was based on the theme that when we unite our experiences—especially our trials and suffering—to Christ on the cross, God is able to bring redemptive value to our every action. This positive message is able to reach many through the music.

Family project

The CD projects have been quite a family affair. “Recording a CD involves a lot of time spent together learning music, rehearsing, and travelling to the studio,” said Cathy Floro, vocalist and violinist for some songs on Strength from Heaven. “I’ve definitely grown closer to my consecrated sisters who have also been involved with this!”

The psalm CD has even provoked some help from “extended” family members.

Barbara Hampson, a Spanish professor at Mater Ecclesiae College, had heard that the CD would need a violin accompaniment. She quickly put Floro in touch with Dennis McCarten, a relative who also happened to be a violin-maker. McCarten was very willing to lend a high-quality violin to Cathy for the recording.

The sound engineers at the studio even began to take the projects as their own. On one of the more upbeat songs on Strength from Heaven, sound engineer Jon Gonsalves decided to lend a hand by playing guitar and bass during the refrain of the song.

“It’s been quite an experience to see how the CD has developed over time,” said Yvonne Nuxoll, pianist and a vocalist for Strength from Heaven.

More to come

These CDs are a great way for the consecrated women to give and also to receive. They provide a huge help in their cost of living. “Not only do the CDs help others,” said Maritza Silva, the business manager for Mater Ecclesiae College, “the CD sales help us!”

2010 saw the production and release of two new CDs by the consecrated women, but the story isn’t over for Mater Ecclesiae College music. Two more CDs are in the works and are set to be released in 2011.

Buy CDs and listen to sample tracks of the CDs online and on iTunes.
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