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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Finding God in Nuclear Chemistry:
Adél Len sees divine truth in the “highness of the universe” and in the tiny “atomic nucleus”

faith vs reason

“Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth.” -- Pope John Paul II Fides et Ratio

Adél Len has taken these words of our late pope to heart in her life.  This Regnum Christi consecrated woman recently received her PhD in nuclear chemistry, and intends to use her gifts to witness to God’s truth. 

Adél presented her doctoral thesis on the “tungsten wires studied by small angle neutron scattering” at the Faculty of Chemistry at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, and received her doctoral degree early in 2011.

She is currently assigned to the Formation Center of Cerro del Coto, Madrid, studying Religious Sciences and Education.

In 2000, Adél worked at the Institute of Solid State Physics and Optics in Budapest (Hungary). She started her PhD studies in 2001. 

“I got involved in many interesting and exciting projects in the research institute, such as investigation on hydrated cements, starch solutions, marbles of archeometrical interest, neutron optical issues etc.,” she said.

A Spiritual Turn of Events

During the course of her studies, Adél “providentially” would attend her first spiritual exercises.  “Afterwards, I was thinking that God is asking me for something more than I have been giving.”

Before completing her studies, the nuclear physicist would take a detour to pursue a religious vocation.  She would become a Regnum Christi consecrated on September 14, 2008.

She said she never thought about becoming consecrated early in her life.  “Now I see that God was guiding me during my whole life towards an encounter with Him.

“Little by little God was, and is, explaining to me why He called me to be a scientist and why He wanted me to spend many years in the world before becoming consecrated. He is making me understand that everything is included in His plans.”

Adél first wanted to be a chemistry and physics teacher.  “I consider myself a physicist more than chemist,” she clarifies. “I like
Adél Len’s Graduate Degree Ceremony at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
Adél Len’s Graduate Degree Ceremony at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
mathematics, physics and chemistry.  My way of understanding, thinking and learning is quite logical, and I thought that this could help others be able to understand the things that I did do.”

“After obtaining my degree, I was offered a PhD fellowship and I thought I couldn’t lose the opportunity,” she said.

But all that followed, she said was providential.

Deepest Desires are Revealed

“I would eventually discern that I desired something eternal, and that was the beginning,” she said. “And at this point, the will of God and my deepest desire met. This desire in the very depth of my heart was put there by God and it could be fulfilled only by Him.”

After becoming consecrated, she discerned it was God’s will that she continue to pursue her scientific studies. “I was learning to live the consecrated life, learning how could I give my entire life to God, how can I serve those whom He had put in my way, but now as a consecrated.  I put everything in His hands, wanting to do totally His will, letting Him choose for me.

“Being a consecrated, it is even more fascinating to work with physicists. The world of science in itself is very interesting and attracts me, but being a scientist is also a whole world in itself. I got to know both worlds, and I wish to have the possibility to help those whom committed themselves to find the truth.”

Adél spent her first year of consecrated life in Budapest, continuing her scientific work.  Now she has a different perspective on her academic study.  She explains her realization that modern man “puts his confidence in technical development and thinks that it will provide him the happiness.”

Helping Man Find God

“I believe there is a need for authentic testimonies that show to the world that development and technical achievements are not an alternative to happiness, but serve as a guide for man to it,” she said.
Adél with the consecrated team in Hungary.
Adél with the consecrated team in Hungary.

“I want to help the ‘man’ of our time to find God,” she said simply.

Adél now sees how scientific discoveries show “God is present in the highness of the universe, and also in the tiny parts of the atomic nucleus.”

She is extremely grateful to the Blessed Virgin who was always “accompanying” her during these past years, and to all who  helped her follow her path: her family, her companions from the research institute and, of course, the RC Movement, for everything she has received in her life. 

“They motivated me and helped me with their presence, interest and charity,” she said.

Above all, she is grateful she discovered God’s call to a “higher” science.

“My experience in the experimental physics is also very useful in the maintenance of a house of 40 consecrated,” she said.



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