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Growth in Grace, Knowledge
Mater Ecclesiae College opens new library on campus in Greenville

Bishop Blesses Library
Bishop Louis Gelineau blesses the new MEC Library

Greenville, Rhode Island -- Mater Ecclesiae College (MEC) celebrated a major milestone April 21, 2012, with the opening of its new library.

Featuring MEC’s ever-growing collection of books, ample study space, computers, offices for professors, and two conference rooms, the modern facility promises to be a focal point for study and research on the campus.

Long in planning, an improved library became necessary when the former formation center in Rhode Island – now Mater Ecclesiae College – embarked on the path to accreditation as a college. After years of fundraising and planning, ground was broken on May 1, 2010, and the construction process began soon after. The building was completed earlier this year, and at long last the official inauguration ceremony took place this month.

The ceremony was
The crowd at the library
attended by the students, faculty, staff, and board members of Mater Ecclesiae College, along with other members of the community. Bishop Louis Gelineau, bishop emeritus of Providence, presided at a Mass and blessing of the library. In his homily, Bishop Gelineau reminded everyone that at the groundbreaking ceremony he had teasingly said that he expected to see the new building in two weeks.

“They paid no attention to me and it took two years!” he joked. Nevertheless, the bishop was pleased to be present for the opening of the library, which he said will “help the graduates of this college on their way to do great work for the world.”

At the ceremony, MEC president Dr. Deb Bauer gave a brief speech thanking and congratulating everyone who had made the library possible, and bringing to mind the purpose of the library: the preparation of consecrated women for the New Evangelization. MEC senior Rebecca Olek followed, with words that also recalled the ultimate purpose of the library.
Inside the library
The MEC library contains ample study space
She shared a poem that had hung in her grade school:

Be it known to all who enter here

That Christ is the reason for this school;

The unseen but ever-present

Teacher in its classes,

The model of its faculty,

The inspiration of its students.

After the ceremony, everyone was invited to a tour of the library by the students. Many congratulations were offered to Naoise Johnston, a consecrated woman who has been involved in the accreditation process for 8 years and is currently the librarian at MEC.

Naoise says that the new library “is significant for the future because it’s not just for current students, but it will also serve future consecrated members and others who may study at MEC. The Church needs women who are well-formed intellectually, and hopefully this library is just the beginning of something that can be a significant resource for that.” 

“After watching the whole process, step by step, I’m excited that it’s finally here,” says junior Silvia Canales. “We really appreciate the space to study, especially in a place that lends itself so well to reflection.”

According to Pope Benedict XVI, “education is not and must never be considered as purely utilitarian. It is about forming the human person, equipping him or her to live life to the full – in short it is about imparting wisdom.” This higher meaning of education is never far from the minds of MEC students and faculty, and all hope that their new library will help serve this purpose!  




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