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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Update on the Littleton Children
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• Shannon, 25 – serves as secretary to Cardinal Francis George.  She is completing a master’s degree in Biblical Theology, and does freelance work for Catholic publishing companies.

• Tara, 24 – graduated from Ave Maria in Naples Florida with a degree in Literature in May 2010.  She works as a preschool teacher.  She is getting married on July 30.  She met her fiancé in school – he works as an insurance adjuster.

• Grace, 23 – also graduated in May 2010 from Ave Maria with a degree in philosophy and is pursuing further education in Montessori.  She wants to be a Montessori teacher and is moving to Florida.

• *Colleen, 21 (22 in June) – completed her formation as a lay consecrated woman with Regnum Christi at Mater Ecclesiae College, and will be sent out to serve the Church anywhere in the world in July.

• Deirdre, 20 – in her junior year at Ave Maria studying Literature.  She is considering going into medical school.

• Bridget, 18 – just finished her sophomore year at Ave Maria and is thinking about law school. (She has a 3.8 GPA and is on the dean’s list.)  “Pretty good for a kid who got ‘kicked out’ of preschool,” said Jim, who actually decided to take her out of a particular school because she got in trouble for telling a teacher her hair was “ugly.” 

• *Shane, 16 – by his own choice, he has attended the Legion’s apostolic school in Indiana since he was 12.  He is entering the candidacy to continue to discern a vocation to the priesthood.

• Fiona, 15 – finished her freshman year at St. Ignatius College Prep High School in Chicago.  She had to take an entrance exam, and 300 were chosen from about 1,000 students.  She also received a merit scholarship which made it financially possible.

• Maura and Clare (twins) – in 8th grade at Noonan Academy, and also will be attending St. Ignatius on similar scholarships.  They have opposite temperaments, but they complement each other, Jim says.

• Patrick, 11 – in 5th grade at Noonan Academy.  He is “all boy,” despite having 12 sisters.  Jim said he has an aptitude for engineering; he likes building things, and “terrorizing his sisters.”

• Mairead (Irish for Margaret) 9 – in 3rd grade at Noonan Academy.  “She is very cute,” her dad says, even “beautiful.”  She is also very spiritual.  The family calls her “The Prophet.”  She “mothers” the young ones.  Mairead says its great having many siblings because, “You have more people to play with.  With one person, it’s kind of lonely.”

• Brighde, 6 – in kindergarten at Noonan.  She just made her first Communion.  She received special permission to do so.

• Shealagh, 5 – in preschool at Noonan, last seen snuggling in her mom’s arms.



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