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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Inside the Apostle
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A new series on how ordinary people are bringing the touch of God into this world… in extraordinary ways.


December 1, 2011. Everyone has hidden potential inside. We all like to think there is a hero sleeping within. And perhaps there is a moment when the touch of God awakens that hero, turning an ordinary person into a bearer of love and hope.

It could be that nothing changes on the outside. But on the inside, there is the beat of a different drummer. And thanks to some interior shift of priority and purpose, that person becomes a force for good in this world. In small ways or in big ways, they open windows of grace all around them, and the touch of God becomes contagious.

The new “Inside the Apostle” series, to be published on Fridays on, is not just about who is doing what apostolates. It’s really about the moment when Regnum Christi members felt called—or in some cases, driven—to do something more for God and for others. It’s about how a very personal inspiration becomes a life-changing reality, and how one person spreading his wings can inspire others to do the same.

1. God´s Hands in Haiti: Kelly Suter, an ER nurse and missionary, found her deepest calling in Haiti.

2. Advertising for God: Regnum Christi member Bob Trussell’s work with Catholics Come Home® has allowed him to put his talents at the service of evangelization.

3. A Crisis Infertility Clinic: Melissa Foley’s passion is about showing women that there is an ethical and effective alternative to IVF.

4. Learning to Be a Real Man: Jim O’Day’s apostolate as chairman of the Georgia Catholic Men’s Conference has put him on the front lines of the battle to reclaim today’s men for God.

5. A Workplace Revolution: How Regnum Christi member Peter Freissle’s personal conversion led him to reorganize his company around Christian principles.



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