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Legionaries of Christ Celebrate 6 Years in South Korea
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Friends and family join Legionaries for a celebration

family testimony

South Korea - On July 7, 2012, Legionary priests Fr. John Ko, Fr. Marco Cho, and Fr. Simon Chung celebrated a Mass to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the Legion’s founding in Korea.

They were joined by about 150 people - Regnum Christi members, friends, women’s retreat members, seminarians and their families, and annual Oak students and their families. After the Mass, they showed a presentation of what the Legionaries of Christ do in Korea and around the world.

After the presentation, there was a time for testimonies and a small lunch party. The parents of two young Legionary seminarians shared their family story of how God led their sons to be his instruments with
the Legionaries of Christ.

“Everybody was very pleased to celebrate our 6th anniversary and attend the special mass,” said Chad Oh. “They also found it as a good chance to know more about the Legionaries of Christ. It was very successful.”



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