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Launching the Year of Faith
Regnum Christi creates special website to help Catholics get the most out the Pope’s call to “Celebrate and Reflect on the Faith”

Pope Benedict XVI

Regnum Christi is joining Pope Benedict XVI in inviting Catholics, and all people, to “Celebrate and Reflect on the Faith.” This is the theme for the specially designated Year of Faith, which begins Thursday, October 11, 2012.

Regnum Christi is launching a sub-site to its own website in support of the Pope’s invitation. 

“The idea for this site is to offer Regnum Christi Members, Legionaries, friends and family, and anyone else who wishes to join us, the tools and resources to help live the Year of the Faith the way that Pope Benedict asks us to in his letter, Porta Fidei,” said Br. Frederick Keiser, LC, who is heading up the site. 

The sub-site will feature a series of brief, weekly podcasts on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. 

There will also be a series of videos released monthly aimed at helping those who wish to heed the Pope’s invitation to study in-depth the documents of Vatican II.

Year of Faith Logo
resources include motivational posters, and articles from authors who attend the principal events of the Year of the Faith in Rome and in other locations worldwide. 

There may also be a few surprises. 

Interested?  Check out the site to find out more.  Click here to help enhance your journey of faith…




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