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Go Baby Blue!
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Pinecrest athletes and fans show their support for life


Atlanta, GA – It’s hard to miss the fact that October is ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month,’ thanks to the pink emblem found on everything from mail boxes to Panera bagels. Less obvious but just as important, October is also ‘Respect Life’ month; something that Pinecrest Academy athletes and students wanted to highlight at their varsity football game.

The initiative was developed by Pinecrest High School’s Student Body Presidents Paloma Carroll and Harry Dodsworth, together with football Senior Captain John Paul Metz and Athletic Director Tom Palmer. They announced that they would host a ‘Go Baby Blue’ theme night for the varsity game vs. George Walton Academy on October 19.

“Pinecrest athletes and fans will celebrate the gift of life with baby blue, while supporting ‘Respect Life’ month with the Catholic Church,” they announced. “As all senior athletes are honored for Senior Night this evening, the baby blue display will serve as an expression of
Pinecrest chaplain Fr. Richard Sutter LC enjoys the game from the sidelines
gratitude to their parents and all parents in the stands.”

 On game night, the Pinecrest Paladin football players wore a baby blue stripe down the middle of their helmets and the coaches wore blue T-shirts, while the cheerleaders sported baby blue hair ribbons and socks. Pinecrest fans also made a baby blue showing from the stands.

“The month of October is the month when we celebrate life, and baby blue is the color for the Pro-Life movement,” explains Pinecrest chaplain Fr. Richard Sutter LC. “With the display of pink this month for breast cancer, we wanted to include this intention of praying not only for those who have breast cancer, but also all those suffering end of life issues; to pray for them in a way that would recognize the gift of life from conception to one’s final breath.” 

The opening prayer before the game was offered for the dad of a George Walton player, who is currently battling cancer. After the prayer, Fr. Richard went to the stands to pray with the player´s grandparents, who had come to watch
Paladin cheerleaders show off their baby blue
the game.

For Fr. Richard, the experience of coming together in prayer and celebration of life outshone even the Pinecrest Paladins’ triumph on the field that night.

“Second even to our amazing 29-10 victory, this encounter with visiting fans in prayer was the celebration of life that touched me the most that night.”



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