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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Social Participation
This project awakens the Christian conscience of students in our schools to understand more fully the problems that afflict society

Niña en apostolado
A key educational goal of Legionary schools is to form a profound sense of responsibility in our students, challenging them to transform society with the Christian values of justice and love. Social Participation is a project to imbue society with Christian charity through the testimony of children and adolescents.

Social Participation includes a fully accredited weekly class that introduces the social doctrine of the Church and teachings on human development. Each month there is also a community activity, which brings together the students, directors, professors and parents.

The program get students involved in a vast array of social outreach: parishes, asylums, hospitals, centers for mentally challenged children, centers for the blind, centers for children from broken families, orphanages, and child care centers. Social Participation also offers numerous other services such as catechetical training, construction or remodeling of houses, recreational or sporting activities, environmental work, censuses, fundraising, food drives, medicine drives, and other areas well.

Popular door-to-door missions play a significant role in the program as well, especially with the less fortunate, offering them the Sacraments, administering many Baptisms, and regularizing marriages.

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