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Catholic universities point out the falsity of an irrational God
It is affirmed by the rector of the Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum and of the European University of Rome (“Universidad Europea de Roma”).

Ateneo incia curso de bioética
His eminency Cardinal Camillo Ruini talking with Father Paolo Scarafoni, rector of the Ateneo.

Rome, Friday, November 3rd, 2006. The Catholic university, by its proper mission, establishes the falsity of an irrational God, explained the rector of the Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum and of the European University of Rome (“Universidad Europea de Roma”, at the inauguration of the academic year.

Father Paolo Scarafoni, L.C., during the homily of the Eucharistic celebration of this Monday, explained the work of the catholic universities, referring to the challenge presented by the Pope Benedict XVI, in the conference offered at the Ratisbona University (“Universidad de Ratisbona”), on September 12th.

Above all I think it is convenient to declare, as institution, our proximity and communion with the Holy Father.

“Goodness and charity go together with the truth –explained Father Scarafoni—and we cannot denywhat must be said and pretend that something false is true. We cannot say something is good thatobjectively goes against the basic human dignity and truth.”

For the rector “it is important to reveal the falsity of the idea of an irrational God, which could justify the use of violence.  We also must reject science that has rejected  God, the whole truth and the sense of the life.”

“The fanatical position that doesn’t listen to reason and a reasoned position that doesn’t accept truth both resort to violence,” said Father Scarafoni”. And he added, ”precisely because they do not have reasons and arguments to speak to the spirit of the men, they do not have the confidence to guide people to the truth that liberates and brings happiness.  They try to impose their ideas by the force, threats and the seduction.”

The rector finished the homily underlining that “one of the must important actions that must occupy the Church, Christians and all men of goodwill, is to be dedicated to the culture based on the best human values and achievements.”



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