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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Conquering Poverty with the Richness of our Catholic Faith
Mano Amiga introduces a new sponsorship program

Pope Benedict XVI meets with Bishop Pedro Pablo Elizondo, L.C.
Pope Benedict XVI meets with Bishop Pedro Pablo Elizondo, L.C.

Hamden, CT, June 7, 2007. – "Our world is entering the new millennium burdened by the contradictions of an economic, cultural and technological progress which offers immense possibilities to a fortunate few, while leaving millions of others not only on the margins of progress but in living conditions far below the minimum demanded by human dignity." Pope John Paul II, Novo Millennio Ineunte.

In 1970 Pope Paul VI entrusted the Legionaries of Christ with the pastoral care of the newly created missionary territory or “prelature” of Chetumal (now Cancún-Chetumal in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico). Since 2004 Bishop Pedro Pablo Elizondo, L.C. has been the Prelate of Cancún-Chetumal and also the President of Catholic World Mission.

Catholic World Mission exists to bring education and the message of Christ to our poorest brothers and sisters throughout the world. We strive for the long-term transformation of poverty: we alleviate
Sponsor a child in need
Sponsor a child in need
immediate physical suffering and also help the poor to provide for themselves in this life and grow in holiness to reap their eternal reward in heaven!

In response to Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical, Deus Caritas Est (God is love), Catholic World Mission, under Bishop Pedro Pablo’s direction, launched its first child sponsorship program. Countless children live and suffer without hope in impoverished communities throughout the world, and now you have the unique opportunity to touch some of those lives, transform them for the better, bringing hope and God’s love to them.

Mano Amiga “Helping Hands” Schools

Our sponsorship program works in conjunction with Mano Amiga “Helping Hand” Schools to support students in 28 elementary and high schools throughout seven Latin American countries (Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, El Salvador, Argentina and Colombia). As a sponsor, you are matched with a specific child, age 4-17, who is in need of a scholarship in order to attend school. Each child pays a part of his tuition based on what the family can
Mano Amiga needs your help
Mano Amiga needs your help
afford. The amazing statistic is that over 85% of Mano Amiga graduates go on to technical school, and in some cases even University.

Helping Hands Schools:

  • Provide Pre-K through High school education, making college studies possible for all their students
  • Offer Catholic education and faith activities for the whole family
  • Teach Christian virtues and character development, strengthening family bonds
  • Provide instruction in trades and organizational skills to older students and younger parents.  

28 Mano Amiga schools currently serve over 16,000 students, 7 additional schools are slated to open by 2008. By 2015 Catholic World Mission’s goal is to be serving 50,000 students!

Sponsor a child today: help a needy child enroll in a Helping Hand School for a year or more…

As of May 2007, 7,597 students have recieved sponsorships, but we still need 9,153 more!

Funding and Scholarship Opportunities:

  • Full annual scholarship $650 per student ($65.00 for 10 months)
  • Half annual scholarship $325 per student ($32.50 for 10 months) 

Each Sponsor will receive:

  • Introductory Information Package (includes child’s name, birth date, grade & short profile)
  • Your Sponsored Child’s Progress Report (each January)
  • Your Sponsored Child’s Report Card (each June)

Please contact:
Amber DeMartino at 800-961-8153  ●  
Or Heather Voccola
Or Rae Marie Stack

Catholic World Mission
33 Rossotto Drive ● Hamden, CT 06514 ●



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