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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Praying for Peace:
Students at Rolling Hills Academy create a “Floating Rosary” to honor Mary and offer prayer intentions during the month of October

floating rosary
When extended, the “rosary” measured 325 feet, or more than 100 meters.

San Antonio, Texas -- What do you get when you take large inner tubes, colorful paint, and more than 200 school children? You get a very special prayer event in honor of the Blessed Mother.

The school children, staff, parents and friends of Rolling Hills Academy in San Antonio, Texas, gathered at Woodland Lake Park near the school on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, October 7, 2011. Each year during October the school holds a “Living Rosary” event.  The Catholic Church sets aside the month to honor the Virgin Mary. 

This year the school sponsored a “Floating Rosary.”  While they prayed the rosary prayer, students placed in the lake a series of 72 inner tubes – each measuring more than 48 inches across – that when full
floating rosary 2
Students decorated the inner tube “beads” during art class.
extended, measured 325 feet, or more than 100 meters.  The floating “beads” each had a particular prayer intention attached to it.  The inner tubes were colorfully decorated by the students during their art classes. 

“This year we are joining in prayer with the community to honor the Virgin Mary and demonstrate a dedication to World Peace,” said Principal Rick McCormick.  

He explained that during the month, students at Rolling Hills learn about the importance of the Rosary within their Catholic faith.  “Our teachers try to bring meaning to the Rosary by explaining why we say it, and how the prayer developed or changed over the centuries. 

“It has always been important to me that Catholic education involves more than just saying the standard prayers.  It is our role to explain to the children why we do what we do, and how it impacts our lives and our society.”



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