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Ecclesial Communion
Open House for Priests and Seminarians of Archdiocese of New York.

Thornwood grupo de sacerdotes
The diocesan priests who participated in a week of Spiritual Exercises in Thornwood, NY, with Father Jeffrey Bowker, LC.
On January 13, 2003, Our Lady of Thornwood Training and Education Center in Thornwood, NY, in collaboration with SACERDOS, held a special Open House for Priests and Seminarians. Taking advantage of the less hectic period after the Christmas liturgical celebrations, the Legionaries invited all the priests and seminarians with whom they work throughout the New York archdiocese and the surrounding areas to tour the center, visit the Christmas Room and take part in a wine and cheese social. In addition, the event coincided with the beginning of a week of Spiritual Exercises for Diocesan Priests organized by the SACERDOS Office.

In all, forty priests and seminarians attended, including some seminarians from the New York Archidiocese´s "Dunwoodie" Seminary (where two Legionaries teach Spanish language courses) and a group from the "Douglaston" minor seminary in the diocese of Brooklyn. During the social hour, various videos on the Legion´s work were shown in the auditorium and after a communal praying of Vespers, all sat down to a fine evening meal.

Musical entertainment was provided by the center´s band. The performance featured the presentation of a cake to those priests celebrating ordination anniversaries. The activity left a deep impression of joy and solidarity on all those present. One priest who had come for spiritual exercises was very touched by this his first experience of a Legionary community, and he became a member of Regnum Christi. It is hoped that this activity will become a tradition and help create a true spirit of fraternity among the Legionaries and their brother priests and priests-to-be.



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