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Responding to the Crisis in El Salvador
Regnum Christi outreach aids flood & mudslide victims

Ayuda a daminificados de El Salvador

El Salvador is in a state of emergency due to the destruction caused by non-stop torrential rains that began October 1, 2005. By means of the CIDECO El Salvador Foundation, Regnum Christi members are helping the victims of natural disasters to rebuild their lives. They need additional funds to help those who have lost loved ones, homes and even their livelihood.

On October 5 alone, 15 people were reported dead as the saturated landscape is giving way to catastrophic mudslides burying entire families alive. The first week of October the dead totalled 34 and nearly 40,000 refugees had to abandon their homes for temporary shelters.

Toppled by the rain, El Salvador´s largest volcano, located just 30 miles west of San Salvador, erupted October 1, killing two people and displacing more than 7,500 others from their humble dwellings. The volcano´s heavy ashes and the resulting acid rain are having disastrous effects on the area. The eruption has ruined more than 15,000 acres of coffee crops, has damaged roads and is endangering one of El Salvador’s protected rain forests.

The nation’s Emergency Management Office declared the state of emergency October 1. Schools cancelled classes and the entire country remained on standby as the heavy rains continued and more volcanic eruptions are expected.

Even though the land beneath the CIDECO La Herradura Project, which includes the Mano Amiga school, was raised 1.5 meters above sea level, the Project did not escape flooding this week. A creek that crosses CIDECO overflowed into the streets and most of the houses in the community. A general assembly was called in order to address this crisis. As a result, 34 families have been relocated to safe places and an emergency committee was organized among the beneficiary families. In addition, emergency provisions of milk, sheets and clothing have been distributed. The Health Clinic continues to operate, giving medical attention to families despite the difficult circumstances.

The CIDECO El Salvador Foundation is working hard to support the affected families of the Mano Amiga students, as well as the many other families that have suffered losses.

Lucia Siman
CIDECO El Salvador Foundation



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